‘I Love Her More Than Anything’

“Moh hit the jackpot when he and Brooke fell in love.  When they married, he locked in the best wife he could’ve ever hoped to have!”

Moh Palizi is a very lucky man but don’t just take his word for it.  His wife’s best friend, Allison Hamilton, will gladly echo any of Moh’s sentiments when the topic is the rockstar that is Brooke Palizi.

How many women can transition seamlessly from being an incredible mother to children Parker (11) and Delilah (10) to helping to elevate the next generation of entrepreneurs in her role at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center to being an amazing wife to Moh an incredible “sister” to Allison and yet still have the time to fix enough stuff around the house to be called “Brookeguyver”?

Only Brooke Palizi.  She’s truly one of one.

“Brooke is an amazing partner in every way.  She is brilliant, funny, beautiful, and has a lust for life.  She’s both a loyal friend and a model mother,” said Moh, her husband of 12 years.

“I admire how well she is able to balance everything in her life and do so eloquently.”

Moh speaks highly of Brooke’s ability to plan for family trips while noting that she does that, like everything else in life, with an infectious smile on her face.

“Brooke’s taught me that everyone is a work in progress,” said Allison, adding, “When we met, I thought she seemed so firm in her own identity … we’ve been friends for over 25 years, so we’ve watched one another evolve.”

“More than anything, I’ve learned she will forever by my safety net.”

Moh raves about the time Brooke dedicates to all of the relationships in her life including her parents John and Charlotte, as well as her older sisters, Ashley and Courtney.

“Her passion is to make everyone around her the best versions of themselves,” he said.

That’s not her only passion, though.

Brooke is a great athlete and shows off her skills in tennis, pickleball, skiing and golf. She loves live music and dancing as well as travel.  She’s roundly praised for being a great cook.

“She lives a full social life but manages to cook dinner almost every night,” marvels Allison.

“And she’s a smoke show!  Which is really good for her, but Moh certainly benefits.”

When asked for his comment on that, Moh flashed a very big smile and agreed that he definitely outkicked his coverage and was not sure how he scored such a hottie.

Brooke just has a unique combination of creativity, silliness, sternness, rigidity AND flexibility, if that makes sense, to be the special person that she is.

So special, that Moh wanted to get her a truly unique gift for her birthday this year.

“I am not good at verbalizing how much I love Brooke and all the reasons why,” said Moh.

“I wish I was better as I want her to know all the ways I appreciate and love her.  This article is a great way for me to express those things!”i love her more than anything

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