A Devoted Mom: When people think of Michelle Johnson, the first thing that should come to mind is her motherly love

Michelle Johnson is a loving wife to her husband, Bobby, and an awesome mother to their two kids, Bristol (6) and Brooks (5).

Despite her snores having the ability to wake up the entire neighborhood, she is appreciated way more than words can express by everyone all around her, but especially to Bobby and the kids. There is not a day that goes by where Bobby is not thankful to have his loving partner by his side, and he is glad she is able to put up with him on a daily basis.

She’s my best friend,” Bobby said. “We’ve got a couple kids together. We’ve built a lot together. She is important to a lot of people around her, and I definitely couldn’t do life without her.”

From the moment they first met until now, Bobby has always known that his wife is a special lady. She is such a kind and compassionate soul, and she has a heart for young kids.

Michelle is a third grade teacher, so she has a lot of young children to deal with on a daily basis, but she would not change it for the world. She then gets to come home and do it all over again, as she gets to raise her two little ones.

That’s where her heart is, and Bobby admires and loves her for this.

She is very loving and she always wants to help,” he said. “She loves to teach. Not so much in the classroom, but she wants everyone to know what’s going on around her. She loves to share information. Right now, outside the classroom, she is teaching our kids how to garden.”

That’s just who Michelle is. She has a hands-on personality and is always striving to help the people she cares about learn new things.

Her kids really reap the benefits of her love of teaching, as there are so many things they get to learn from Michelle on a daily basis. She also shows them what love looks like and what it means to pour your heart and soul into something, as this is what she does as a mother each and every day.

She is very patient,” Bobby said. “Patience is very important as a mother and a teacher of young children. She also just has a calm presence about her.”

More than that, she is always looking toward bringing out the best in everyone. She encourages people to no avail, and she makes sure everyone knows that they are capable of many things.

“She has always let me chase my dreams,” Bobby said. “She’s always been positive and understanding in my decisions that I make about the industry I work in, as well as our cattle business.”

Bobby knows this will bode well as their kids continue to grow as well, as he knows that Michelle will always encourage them to chase their dreams as well.

She is just such an inspiration to them, and Bobby is grateful to call Michelle the mother to his children.

“She is sweet, loving and caring,” he said. “She is a pleasure to be around. I really admire her love for Jesus Christ and her love for her family and friends.”

There is plenty of love to go around, and that is what makes Michelle who she is. She is such a gentle, caring soul, and she makes life in the Johnson household so much better.

“I would just want her to know that she truly is my best friend and that I would have never thought I would have been so lucky to have her as my life partner.” – Bobby

a devoted mom

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