Adjusting to Love: Adaptability is easy for Magdalena, especially when it comes to loving her 11 month old daughter

Magdalena Cruse is a woman of many talents who has an adaptability unlike any other.

The moment her and Jon’s baby girl Emma was born, Jon knew that his partner was meant to be a mother. Neither of them knew a single thing about parenthood, but Magdalena looked like a pro right from the beginning. She made it look easy, and if Jon didn’t know any better, he would have thought that she had some prior experience.

“Being new parents comes with not knowing things,” he said. “She has done a tremendous job at being adaptable. She will set goals and accomplish them. Magdalena is just an inspiration to the whole family with how adaptable she can be.”

Motherhood comes so naturally to her, and Jon is grateful for it. He knows that there are a whole lot of things that Magdalena can handle in which he cannot, and he knows that the love between her and Emma is just amazing.

He loves seeing how much Magdalena adores their daughter and how much Emma responds to the love she receives from her mom. Jon also knows that Madalena will continue to grow as a mom as their daughter continues to grow, and that is something that will truly be a sight to behold in a few years.

There is a bond between them that is completely unbreakable, and Jon would not dare to try to ever come between the special moments between his partner and his daughter.

“The way that they smile so infectiously when they look into each other’s eyes is so amazing to see,” Jon said. “There is an obvious connection between them at 11 months, and it warms my heart even just talking about it.”

Getting to see this unending love play out each and every day is something that Jon lives for. He loves seeing Magdalena be the mother that she is, and he is so proud of how quickly she has adjusted to being a mother.

That’s not the only thing she had to adapt to, either, as she has adapted to life in the states, along with many other things, in more recent years. Through it all, however, Magdalena takes on every change with the most positive attitude possible.

“She means so much to me,” Jon said. “Our lives have changed so much recently. She is the rock of the household and a great example. She is able to pick people up when they are down. She helps me be the best version of myself as well.”

Magdalena has a heart for others, and she is always doing something for someone. She is an affectionate soul with a genuine curiosity of the people all around her, and she is someone that people really enjoy being around.

“I think she’s a great listener,” Jon said. “She has the ability to really connect with people by being a fantastic listener, and she lights up the room with her smile and her laugh.”

Being able to brighten any room takes a true gift, and it is a gift in which Magdalena possesses well. Jon knows their daughter is going to learn to be a great friend to others just by seeing what her mom does for others on a daily basis.

Jon personally has learned so many things from Magdalena in the four years they have been together, and he is not just talking about what tasters are.

“She has taught me so much,” Jon said. “She is a great cook, so being a great cook is one of the things I aspire to be. She has also taught me the power of meditation and what it means to be grounded and to change your mindset on the outlook on life. Sometimes slowing down is the answer.”

In a world where everyone seems to have a go, go, go mentality all the time, Magdalena has learned the importance of relaxing and spending time focusing on your spiritual self. When you meditate and change your mindset on life, your outlook becomes infinitely greater.

Jon is glad that Magdalena has chosen to spend life with him, and he is glad that he can always count on her to be by his side. They are always going to be there for one another, and there is not a thing she is not going to do for Emma.

“I am so proud to be your partner. You are an amazing Mom. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate you and we look forward to all the Mother’s Days to come.” – Jonadjusting to love

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