All Out Amazing: Krystin is a woman who loves the people she is closest to more than anything in the world

Some wives just mean everything to their husbands. 

For Krystin and Derek Johnson, it is no different. Krystin is the love of Derek’s life and the woman who brings him so much joy and happiness in his life. She brings his life more meaning than ever before, and Krystin is the person he is glad he gets to spend the rest of his life with.

“She’s like my rock,” Derek said. “She takes care of a lot of little things here and there. She’s supportive. She cares about everyone, including myself. She likes to do good things and be good to people. She sent a gift to my sister for her birthday even after I forgot it, which is just an example of how caring she is. She has a big impact on people’s lives.”

Krystin is a very genuine person. She takes care of others and does what she believes is right, and she definitely makes sure her loved ones have everything they need.

As a friend, if you are in Krystin’s circle, then you have made it. She holds the people she cares about tight, and while she can be hard to get to know at first, she really opens up to her friends.

As a family member, Krystin is an everlasting presence. From her immediate family to her in-laws, she makes sure they know they are loved.

As a wife, Krystin is devoted. Everything she does she does for her family, and this certainly includes Derek. She always has his back and is the one person he knows he can always count on.

As a mother, there is nothing that comes between Krystin and Ivy-Kate. She loves that little girl so much and is a very protective mama bear. Krystin is the support system and the nurturer of Ivy-Kate, and it is remarkable to see.

As a whole, Krystin is just a very well-rounded, compassionate person. Her personality is completely unmatched, and the people in her life are grateful for her.

“I’m more of an extrovert and she’s more introverted,” Derek said. “She blossoms and talks to people once she gets to know them. She will go out of her way to help her lifelong friends. She’s there. She does a little more than maybe we need to.”

Krystin is just a very selfless individual, and this is one of the many things she has taught Derek over the years. He feels he has learned so much about being a friend to others and how to live a better life just by being with Krystin.

“She’s always right 99 percent of the time,” Derek said. “It’s not often she is wrong about things. She’ll actually devote the time to research different things too. If she doesn’t know it, she will research it until she knows it. She’s smart. She does cute little things too.”

Krystin loves to be right, but more importantly she loves to have a wealth of knowledge. She is never afraid to self-educate, and she certainly loves to learn new things.

This bodes particularly well when it comes to her job, as Krystin works as a cancer research grant manager. Her whole job is devoted to research and finding new things people have not thought of before, and she is certainly fit for the position.

“She’s kind of detailed,” Derek said. “She’s in charge of getting grants for doctors for research. It can be complex, and it opens her up to talking to more people than she might have wanted to. She doesn’t want to let someone down. Research that funds cancer is something that is great for her. She is there with them to find that care; to find that cure; to find that money to support research [for cancer].”

It’s amazing to see how caring and compassionate Krystin is in her role at work, but what is even more amazing is seeing how caring and compassionate she is in her role at home.

Krystin is not only an exceptional wife to Derek, but she is a phenomenal mother to Ivy-Kate. She loves being a mom and she loves taking care of Ivy-Kate, making sure she has everything she needs.

“She’s willing to do absolutely anything for Ivy-Kate,” Derek said. “She will do whatever she needs to do; support in any way she needs to. Krystin is a very good-hearted person. She’s resilient. She’s very selfless when it comes to herself and our daughter.”

Taking care of others is what makes Krystin who she is, and she is definitely appreciated for all she does. Everything in her life is centered around family and around people, and she loves hard.

And for Derek, loving his wife is the easiest thing he has ever done. He cannot imagine life without her, and he is grateful she brought an amazing, beautiful baby girl into the world with him.

“I love you more and more every day, and watching you become a mother has become one of my fondest moments and will be something I will cherish for life.” – Derek

All Out Amazing: Krystin Johnson

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