‘AMAZING MOTHER’: Elyssa Larranaga is a tireless force who will do anything for her family

Jon Larranaga has to plead with his wife, Elyssa, sometimes to slow down and take a break. But for her to pump the brakes is like a bird clipping its own wings. She was born to serve her family and friends, and she was blessed with an impeccable way of scheduling and organizing to make everything happen.

Whatever she’s doing, whoever she’s doing it for, Elyssa is an unstoppable force for good. She is the backbone of her family and an on-the-go mother to two boys — Jon Temple (10) and Henry (8) — who unleashes her passion and productivity to secure the best for them.

“I actually always get mad at her, like, ‘Can you settle down a little bit? You’re doing too much and I can’t keep up,’” Jon said with a laugh. “It doesn’t matter if it’s for our boys or for our friends, her sister, her family, her parents or my parents. She loves being involved. She is so full of life and so full of energy. I just hope our boys get her energy.”

They did.

Jon Temple and Henry are both active on basketball teams, flag football teams, baseball and cross country teams, which calls for Elyssa to be “one of the hottest Uber drivers in Washington, D.C.,” according to Jon. She gets involved and volunteers her time to help in any way she can.

Both of Elyssa’s boys have an uncommon sense of appreciation for the many things she does for them. That fact alone is a reflection of the values Elyssa works to instill in them. They see her effort and they understand how much she loves them.

“She’s an amazing mother,” Jon said. “I was talking with our son Henry driving home from his basketball practice, and he says, ‘Mom does so many special things for us. It’s too many things to list, Dad.’

“That tells you something, this coming from an 8-year-old, how he looks at his mother. The boys really appreciate and value all the little things Elyssa does for them, and it just makes me feel good to see the relationship they have and that they appreciate everything their mother does. The crazy thing is that I don’t think they realize the half of it.”

Jon Temple might not yet realize the half of what Elyssa does for him, but he most definitely appreciates it.

“My mom does so much for me,” he said. “Every time she helps me, it makes me feel so special!”

In addition to the many hats she wears for her family, Elyssa also manages rental properties the Larranagas own which can be a full time job in and of itself. She makes sure they are in pristine condition and that the tenants are happy.

Making others happy is kind of her thing.

“She’s the type of person who is always on the go, always willing to give the shirt off her back to help somebody out,” Jon said. “She’s so full of life and energy. She goes from the second she wakes up. When we all go to bed at night, she stays up to make sure everything around the house is taken care of. The next morning when we start our day it feels like a magical unicorn came thru the house in the middle of the night. But it’s not magic, it’s Elyssa. It’s mom making sure everything is taken care of.”

“She has a special ability to always be there and go the extra mile to help family and friends.”

For Jon, Elyssa’s energy, compassion and commitment to her family is an inspiration every single day. He couldn’t be more grateful for the role she plays for the family, and he knows how truly indispensable she is.

Elyssa makes the whole thing go.

“We love her for her, for who she is, and we don’t ever want her to change,” he said. “She’s perfect the way she is and you can’t put a price or value on all that she does for our family. Our boys are growing into amazing young men because of her and because of all she does for our family, the example she sets and the time and energy and effort she puts in to every detail of our lives.

“Our boys are so lucky to have just an amazing example to follow and to talk to and to ask questions to because she’s always there. She’s always there for me no matter what it is. She would drop what she’s doing to be there to help any of us, and we are so grateful for that.”


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