‘AMAZING’: Amy Raboin embraces her role as a ‘Mama Bear’ and the glue that keeps her family together

Call Amy Raboin a “helicopter mom,” if you want, but she’s not going to take it personally. Nothing is more important to her than her husband James and their children Samantha (30), James (13) and Anna (10), and it’s Amy’s vow to always be there to help, guide and, when necessary, protect them. 

If that’s perceived as hovering, so be it, but Amy’s priorities are never going to change. James loves that quality in her, and her family thrives with her as a primary influencer who puts everyone else’s wants and needs first. It’s who Amy is, and who she will always be, so she makes zero apologies for that.

“Amy is a very family-first person,” James said. “She is the Mama Bear. She is very protective of her family. She has been called a ‘helicopter mom’ multiple times. Her family’s wellbeing is the priority over everything else, day in and day out.”

Amy brings those qualities into her job working in the office at her local middle school, where again, she values nothing more than creating a safe and positive school experience for all the children. Having grown up  making routine moves as part of a military family, she not only focuses on her kids’ well-being, but does all she can to ensure they get the life experiences that weren’t possible for her when she was a girl.

Amy will organize schedules and make certain that the kids are wherever they need to be. And when that craziness slows down, she plans as many activities and outings as she can to get the quality family time she loves so much. All of it is within a day’s work for Amy, and it’s worth every ounce of effort. 

“Amy is an amazing parent,” James said. “She is dedicated to the safety and well-being of her kids. She is always on top of their schedules, and makes sure they are everywhere they need to be on a daily basis. She also makes sure that every night at bed time, everyone in the family gets a hug, a kiss and an ‘I Love You.’ I work a lot of hours and Amy is part-time, so she is the one who spends the time making sure everyone is always taken care of. 

“She is by far the hardest working person in our family. This is something she does not get enough credit and appreciation for.”

Which is why James has such a strong desire to articulate the thoughts and feelings of his entire family because the daily grind of life doesn’t always permit them to pause and express the gratitude they all feel. It’s hard to imagine having such great kids or creating all these family memories without the hard work and love she puts into her roles as a mother and wife.

From the time James and Amy met as co-workers and started the friendship that ultimately led him to propose to her at Camp Site No. 13 at Morgan Park, James has loved every second of their journey. He and their children owe so much to Amy for the beautiful life they’ve created and for being the “glue” that keeps them all together through life’s ups and downs.

“I just want Amy to know how important she is to all of us,” he said. “We appreciate her so much, and we just don’t let her know that enough. She’s our rock and the glue that keeps our family together and organized on a daily basis. We just could not do it without her.”

Amy Raboin embraces her role as a ‘Mama Bear'

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