An Elite Woman: Dr. Hanrahan can do it all, and her husband and son are thankful for her

Being a mom and a surgeon is no easy task.

Being a mom and a surgeon who is fellowship trained in breast reconstruction, specializes in melanoma, is a general surgeon and also deputy chief of surgery? That’s a job for the elite of the elite, and that’s exactly what Dr. Renee Hanrahan/Farrer is.

Renee is truly exceptional in all aspects of her life. She inspires the people around her in the way she cares for her family, the way she goes over and above for her patients, and the general way she treats everyone with respect and courtesy. Renee is truly an elite woman.

“Renee is extremely passionate about life, she is very fun, loving and is an amazing mother, wife and daughter to her family,” her husband Steve said. “She is the hardest working person I know and never ever stops; she’s very determined to make a difference in anything she is doing. Renee goes over and above the standard of care with her patients and they adore her for it. Her bedside manner and exceptional surgical skills make Dr. Hanrahan one of the top surgeons in Canada.

“And despite being such a busy and important person, Renee always finds the time to care for her son Beckett and husband Steve. Renee is their rock, she makes their house a home and Beckett and Steve love and appreciate her for all that she does.”

The way Renee connects with her patients is very special. She has a keen ability to relate to her patients as more than just a surgeon, but as if she were going through the same thing. She makes her patients and their families feel very comfortable with her on their side, as they have a sense of trust in her.

This trust in Renee runs far past just her patients and their families too. Her own family counts on her 24/7 and they know she will always be there for them.

This rings especially true when it comes to her 9-year-old son Beckett. He loves his mom more than anything in the world, and he relies on her in all aspects of life.

“Renee is very loving, considerate and patient,” Steve said. “Our son Beckett adores her. Every time they say goodbye for the day, they touch foreheads. They have a deep connection with each other! She is very fun with Beckett and they have a lot of laughs together. And being a physician, Beckett is proud of his mom and can always count on her to fix him up if he gets hurt.”

Renee is truly an amazing mother who puts her son’s life at the forefront of everything. He comes first in her eyes, and Steve is more than grateful for that fact.

“I admire all the hard work she puts in to be a good parent, wife, as well as managing her very stressful, busy career as a surgeon,” he said. “She deals with the reality of life and death situations every day, saving people’s lives daily. It takes a very special person to do what she does and to be able to leave it at work, she is surely a modern day superhero”

Steve then went on to talk about the common respect Renee gives to everyone that she meets. She looks at everything from a humanity standpoint, and being able to treat everyone with the same respect is something that is absolutely amazing.

Renee has the ability to balance and juggle everything in her life, and do it well. She leaves work at the door when she walks out of the hospital, and in turn she performs at an extremely high level when operating.

She is also a woman who makes life fun, as the memories Steve and Beckett have with her are endless.

Overall, Renee is just a special person who is mightily accomplished and successful. Steve and Beckett are very proud of her and glad to have her in their lives, and they are looking forward to the future as a family of three.

“I would like her to know how much she’s loved and adored by everyone, from her family, friends, patients to colleagues. Her husband and son are especially appreciative for all that she does to make our family so loving and special! We love you Renee!” – Steve


an elite woman

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