As Fate Would Have It: Kyle and Becca’s paths crossed at just the right time, and their lives have not been the same since

Their relationship was kickstarted by some kids who were splashing them by the pool.

After meeting on the Lido Deck during a February 2020 Carnival cruise, these two lovebirds have been inseparable. They spent the rest of the cruise hanging out, smiling at each other and even sharing a couple kisses. They then spent a lot of time traveling to spend time with each other, making the most of a long distance relationship.

But now, Becca Bordner and Kyle Hanson are just two small town folks who are preparing to have an amazing marriage. Every moment they have spent together has been special, and they are glad that fate brought them together.

From eating Jets Pizza to downhill skiing to watching Netflix together, as long as Becca and Kyle are together, they are happy. Kyle loves the way Becca smiles along with so many other traits she possesses, and he says that falling in love with her was the easiest thing he has ever done.

“Becca has a million qualities that make her so special,” Kyle said. “Her passion for social work, and more importantly helping kids that are in need, are infectious. It makes me want to become a much better person. She’s always trying to plan the next date or trip out and keeps me on my toes because I am never good at planning things. Her laugh, and most importantly her HUGE HEART by doing everything she can to become a better person not only for herself but for us.”

Becca is a very caring individual. She spends her days helping elementary schoolers and many others get the help they need when it comes to bad situations, and Kyle is constantly blown away by the care she shows them each and every day.

Her caring heart does not stop there either. Becca loves all people and is a great friend and family member to many, and she is someone people appreciate.

“I admire her drive to always wanting to be helping others and having the heart of a lion,” Kyle said. “The way she cares for kids and interacts with them is always a soft spot for me watching her. You can tell she truly is so passionate about working with kids and how much they brighten her day.”

Kyle said this is one of the many reasons why he is looking forward to the future with Becca. He knows that they will build an amazing family together, and he is looking forward to the amazing wife and mother that she will be for years to come.

Becca is also someone with a strong and dedicated work ethic. She loves to challenge herself, and anything she sets her mind to she is more than capable of achieving.

Plus, Becca has the ability to look after herself, which is important to do. She spends so much of her life taking care of others, but she is also able to take a step back and take care of herself.

“Becca loves to be at home doing her dedicated self care routines that include reading her books, yoga, meditations and journaling, as well as her nightly skincare routines,” Kyle said. “Additionally, we enjoy being at home with our dogs, Bailey and Reese, taking them on long walks when we’re not at work.”

Kyle also mentioned that enough cannot be said about the bond between Becca and her sister’s kids, Emmett and Ellery. Becca loves her niece and nephew so much, and she considers it an honor to be an aunt.

On top of that, Becca also teaches Kyle so many things. From the day she walked into his life, he feels he has grown exponentially, and he is grateful for that fact.

“She pushes me in ways I have never experienced before and makes me so happy to have a partner I can enjoy life with,” Kyle said. “Every day is a new adventure and something different. She really pushes me into making good habits and actually staying with them.”

Becca is also all about structure, and this is another way that she helps Kyle grow on a daily basis.

Overall, she is such a wonderful person and Kyle really is looking forward to marrying her. She is his soulmate, his everything, and he could not imagine life without her.

Becca is irreplaceable and a one of a kind special soul, and the day she and Kyle say, “I do” will be simply amazing.

“Becca, you’re my best friend. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and have been together through some of our most vulnerable times. I can’t begin to imagine these last three years not being together and how messed up my life would be without you. You make me so happy… and appreciative that I got to meet you on that cruise ship in February of 2020. I’m so excited to soon call you my wife!!!!” – Kyle

As Fate Would Have It: Kyle and Becca

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