Get out there and be a dork today

Sometimes we all just need a little reminder to be ourselves.

Today is National Be A Dork Day, and basically today is meant to be a fun, lighthearted reminder that we all have a little bit of dorkness inside of us.

Dorkiness can sometimes get mixed up with nerdiness or geekiness, but being a dork is its own thing.

By its slang definition, dork means “a silly, out-of-touch person who tends to look odd or behave ridiculously around others; a social misfit.” By our definition, dork means “someone who has their quirks and acts like their true selves around other people.”

No matter how you put it, the term dork is not a bad term, and those of us who can show our inner dorkness around others feel much more like ourselves.

So, get out there today and dork it up. There’s nothing to be afraid of other than letting the cruelness of this world hinder you from being your true self.

Happy National Be A Dork Day!

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