It’s a beautiful day to laugh

laughing on belly

Every year on January 24, we celebrate Belly Laugh Day in a way that will possibly get you a stomach cramp.

Laughter has always been an interesting topic for many philosophers and thinkers to talk about. 

Back to the ancient Greek, a writer classified laughter into three different types: “those who are innocent of wrongdoing, but ignorant of their vulnerability,” “those who are mad,” and “those who are overconfident.”

Moreover, several philosophers and writers also released a lot of work related to the importance of laughter. In the early 20th century, a French philosopher published a work called “Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic.”

In Ramon Mora Ripoll’s scientific research “The Therapeutic Value of Laughter in Medicine”, it showed that laughter could treat certain ailments in patients, reduce blood pressure and stress. He shared a lot of the benefits of laughter on human bodies.

In 2005, a professional yoga teacher introduced this holiday to celebrate laughter. Oftentimes we only celebrate love, relationship and gratitude in life but ignore the significance of laughter.

As a result, this day is a reminder for us to take a break from the stress and simply have some fun together with other people. Research has also shown that couples who laugh more will build a better relationship and develop strong bonds with each other.

Laughter can make our blood vessels expand and increase blood flow, which creates a positive and happy feeling in our brains. You can also watch a funny movie or read an interesting book to laugh and relax. Share your happiest moment on social media, let everyone know today is Belly Laugh Day and encourage other people to smile and laugh. 

Hence, don’t be shy and just start having a good, deep laugh. What great ways to celebrate this nice day!

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