Happy belly: chips and dip

Chips and Dip Day is celebrated on March 23 each year. Chips and dip — a perfect combination — could serve as great snacks for different games, parties and picnics. It is loved by almost everyone of all ages.

The origin of the day remains unknown, and the only thing we know is that both chips and dip have been a part of the human diet for a long time.

Greek tzatziki was the earliest dip that became very popular, and people usually consumed it with bread instead of chips. The recipe for the dip included a combination of yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, salt and olive oil.

The dip is also not limited to bread or chips, so you could go with meats or any citrus fruits. Moreover, guacamole, an avocado-based dip that many people are obsessed with, was first made by the Aztecs.

In addition to discussing the various types of dips, potato chips have also emerged for over 150 years, and they were invented by a cook named George Crum in 1853. However, it was totally an accident.

Because of a customer’s complaint that the potato wedges were too thick, Crum decided to cut the potato slices very thin, and he could even see through those slices when he fired them. Then Crum topped the fried potato slices with an excessive amount of salt.

Surprisingly, the customer really loved it, and that was how potato chips were made.

Today, chips and dip are a very delicious dish that many people can’t stop snacking on. We could choose the types of chips from an array of choices, such as tortilla chips, corn chips, vegetable chips and many more. Similarly, dips can also be in various flavors and are usually made with sour cream, cheese, salsas and seasonings.

Take this celebration to enjoy some great chips and dip. Lay out all kinds of chips and dips on a tasting tray, or you could even hand-cut potato slices and make your own dip at home.

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