Create another Father-Daughter moment this Father’s Day


Father-Daughter bonds are unique and unbreakable. Dads are the ones who are always telling their daughter that they have self-worth and are beautiful, and now those daughters have a chance to show their appreciation for their Dads.

This Father’s Day, daughters can give Dad a unique keepsake from My FrontPage Story that will give them a chance to say thank you. Whether you have a special memory of a special moment of Dad, or if you just want to show him how much you love him and remind him of what all he has done for you, you can do so with a story from My FrontPage Story.

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At My FrontPage Story, we want to give daughters the chance to create another Father-Daughter moment that Dad can remember forever. This Father’s Day, handing Dad a story from My FrontPage Story will hopefully be the highlight of many Dads’ days this Father’s Day.