Stay away from superstitions and live in the present

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Superstitions are excessively beliefs or events that cannot be supported by logical reasons or science, but still a bunch of people choose to trust and follow them.

For the purpose of increasing awareness to people about how superstitions affect our lives, Sept 13 developed into the National Defy Superstition Day.

The root of the word “superstition” evolved from a Latin word “superstitio”, which means to stand over or above. Then it first appeared in the English language.

Superstitions already penetrate deeply into the culture of every country, especially when they connect with religions. Many people believe superstitions could bring them good luck or magic, which would result in lots of prejudice, stereotype and discrimination.

On this day, it is an opportunity for us to remind others about whether a phenomenon is true or false, and to help people put away their anxieties about different superstitions.

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