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Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts: 

How to Melt Your Sweetie’s Heart While Doing Good

If you want to give a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift that won’t wilt, melt, or destroy the planet, it’s time to think outside the chocolate box. There are a wide variety of wonderful and unique gift options out there. explains that all it takes is a little planning and creativity, and you can give your loved one a present they’re sure to remember!


Living Things Besides Flowers

Flowers are lovely, but roses can be pesticide dependent and rather labor intensive. And let’s face it – they’re also a bit cliche. So this year, how about planting a tree instead? Or give a potted plant, like a nice succulent, that will live past the end of the week. You could also consider adopting an endangered animal or donating to your beloved’s favorite charity. 

On the other hand, if you still want to go the flower route and you have some time to prepare, see what you can do to make it a bit more personal. For instance, you could ask your loved one (preferably far in advance) what their favorite flower is, then grow it yourself! That way, the effort and consideration you put in will make the gift far more special than simply stopping by the flower shop on the way home from work. You could go all-out and start a flower garden so you can grow year-round. Adding this feature to your backyard can also pay off, as such home improvements may increase your property value if you’re looking to sell soon.


Other Special Gifts for Your Sweetheart

If your Valentine’s Day gift is intended for your sweetheart, skip the practical items, unless they’ve been specifically requested. In a general way, this is not the time for a new compost bin, complete with worms, no matter how earth-friendly it is – unless your beloved gardener has asked for that, of course.

You can give vintage jewelry or organic wine, and make your own card instead of buying one. Finally, a handmade gift or service, such as deep cleaning their house with eco-friendly cleaners, is never a bad idea. If you must go the chocolate and flowers route, Taste for Life suggests going fair trade and local. Your loved one will still think you’re sweet, and you’ll be doing good at the same time.

Tickets, gift certificates, and experiences can make great Valentine’s Day presents. Would your loved one enjoy a massage or manicure?  A subscription service that sends a new type of cheese, coffee, jam and jelly, or tea each month is a gift that keeps on giving. Tickets to an exhibit, concert, play, or opera can provide wonderful and romantic outings. Is there an experience your sweetheart has expressed interest in? Taking them on a river boat cruise, up in a hot air balloon, through the woods on a zip line, to an escape room, or, as Time Out notes, an immersive art exhibit might be an experience they’ll never forget

It’s possible to find a brilliant gift for your loved one, while being kind to the environment, too.  Think in terms of their interests, needs, and convenience, and your gift will be a winner.

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