‘Enduring Love’: Julie and Michael Homewood have been through it all in the last 39 years, and they have always stuck by each other

Sometimes, when you know you know. This was certainly the case for Julie and Michael Homewood. From the first time they went out until now, they have shown what true, long lasting, enduring love looks like.

“My father’s friend, Dan Terrell, told us about the first time that our parents met,” their son, Corey, said. “As my mom walked down the hallway at West High School, my dad said to Dan, ‘I’m going to marry that girl someday.’ And he was right! Their first dates included playing billiards at Mumm’s Bar and going on a big motorcycle adventure out west. They would marry a year later, and the rest was history.”

It did not take long for these two to fall in love, and they truly are the perfect pair. Mike is extremely active and an avid golfer, and Julie is an energetic grandmother who works on a lot of DIY projects. They have both coached their kids’ different sports teams, and they have always preached the importance of family.

Over the years Mike and Julie have made countless memories together, including kayak trips, tennis matches, Iowa football games, and the best family vacations ever. Through the good times and the bad, creating a strong foundation for their kids has always been their top priority.

“Julie taught her kids about faith in God and the importance of good manners,” Corey said. “Mama didn’t raise a fool.”

Faith has always played an integral role in the Homewood household, and the kids are forever grateful for everything their parents taught them. Having good manners and working hard to be successful are just two of the many things their four kids have learned from Julie and Michael, and it is something they will always remember.

“Mike taught his kids about hard work and self-discipline,” their daughter, Kylee, said. “Our dad is such a good provider; we always had everything we wanted.”

Making sure the kids had what they needed was very important to Julie and Michael.

They also taught their kids not just by talking the talk, but by walking the walk. Michael took over his family’s business, Homewood Electric, and remained the owner for over three decades, as well as being a lead electrician at the University of Iowa. Julie was a beloved mental health specialist at Mercy Hospital, then became a business owner in her own right when she opened a massage studio called Gifted Hands.

The two of them prove what hard work and perseverance can do. Along the way, it has helped them build success for themselves and their entire family.

They are always there for their kids too. If someone is sick or hurt, or needs a babysitter, Mike and Julie are there.

“We don’t know what we’d do with our kids half the time if Grandma Juju wasn’t around to help,” their daughters, Kelsey and Kady, said.

Michael and Julie’s children are forever grateful for the path that they paved for them. They never let disagreements or challenging moments deter the bigger task at hand, which was providing a loving atmosphere for their children.

Julie and Michael are the most selfless people in the world, helping to take care of anyone in need, and their tenacity and determination are second to none. Their kids love them so much and are happy for the decision their parents made over 39 years ago to get married.

“We, your children, are so grateful for you both! You two have given us life and taught us how to live it the best way you knew how. Even though things were not always easy, you never gave up on us, or your marriage. We respect your consistency and power of will to give us the best life you could, and the best family ever.”enduring love

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