Everlasting love: AJ and Karen Kaye – This is the story of us; me, AJ Kaye, and my beautiful wife, Karen Kaye.

From their first date on October 23, 2012, AJ knew that Karen would be his forever. Although growing up at the same high school, it wasn’t until Karen began working for AJ’s dad after returning home from college that they started to get to know each other.

It was Karen’s immensely caring heart that immediately struck AJ as special. This was recognizable the same night of their date. After dinner, they visited a pet store where, in hopes of wooing Karen, AJ bought her a fish: Mr. Fishy.

To AJ, Mr. Fishy was merely a lighthearted gesture, but to Karen, it was something to care for and to love. AJ was amazed at Karen’s capacity to adore the fish. “The way she would talk to him, feed him, and take care of him if he was sick, this is when I knew she was the one for me!” said AJ.

Just seeing how much time that Karen went into taking care of the fish, it was apparent to AJ how much room she’d have in her heart to care not just for him, but for the family that he had always wanted.

Shortly after, all of AJ’s hopes for their relationship came true. On October 7th, 2017, the couple married.

For AJ, this was one of the best nights that they would share together. “The best part of it was our first dance,” he said. “That 5 minutes or so that we were dancing together, nothing else in life mattered.”

In that moment that the pair was dancing, they had felt like they were the only ones in the room. “There was nobody else on the earth that were happier than us, dancing along to our favorite song,” said AJ.

But just when their life felt perfect after the big wedding day, on October 5th, 2021, they experienced another level of joy; AJ and Karen would welcome their first child, Luca Robert Kaye.

As a mother, Karen was extraordinary as AJ would expect. After Mr. Fishy, he knew she would be a natural. And when they got their dog Zoey, she would continue to give unparalleled love.

With Luca, she offers her entire heart to him. She wants whatever is best for him and will be his number one fan throughout everything.

“She is the one that I want him to grow up to be like,” said AJ. That’s because in addition to her heart, she is also the strongest person that he knows, and she is the glue that holds the family together.

There is no one else in the world that AJ would want to spend his life with. Not only is that for her compassion but because he believes there is nobody else that would put up with them!

Karen is AJ’s rock. She is his world. And above all, she is his best friend. From sharing silly jokes that only the two of them would understand to sharing each other’s deepest secrets, the couple’s understanding of one another is supremely everlasting.

They trust each other with their whole hearts and will always be by each other’s sides.

“There is nothing in the world that I love more than her. I will be right next to her until the day we die. I made a vow for a reason when we got married. The vow of togetherness for the rest of our lives. Who knows what fun memories are in store for us, but I know that we will live them to the fullest and enjoy every second of them together.” -AJ


everlasting love

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