Faithful Love: Albert and Coby are teaching their family the importance of a little perseverance and a lot of faith

Albert and Coby are celebrating 50 years of marriage. As with any marriage, there will be ups and downs, but their faith has helped them build a very happy marriage with two children and five grandchildren.

They have been great role models to their children, Lorena and Roy, who in turn are in turn instilling so many of those qualities into their own children.

From day one, Albert and Coby have instilled the importance of hard work and having a relationship with God. They know that these things have helped them get to where they are at in life, and they know it has helped them to build a strong foundation for their family to learn from.

“They were excellent parents who instilled a strong sense of faith and purpose in their children,” Roy said. “They taught the values of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Through their work with the church, they also taught the value of serving others. Their love was always a great example of what a strong relationship should look like. They were always there when they were needed and were always willing to help with whatever challenges their children faced.”

One thing that Albert and Coby have always done is support their children. They have made sure that their children are working hard toward their goals, but that they are setting reasonable goals.

When you know your limitations and know what you are and are not capable of doing, this will help you live a life free of stress and full of success.

“Our parents always encouraged my brother and I to do well in school, and perform to the best of our abilities,” Lorena said. “Neither my brother nor I would have the careers we do today without the guidance our parents provided. They instilled the importance of faith, love and community. Faith is our backbone and has shaped who we are. We try our very best to love others and treat them the way we would like to be treated. And it takes a community to help one another – through good times and bad. I am the person I am today because of their love, support and guidance.”

Albert and Coby have a true sense of selflessness and being there for others in every good and bad situation, and this all stems from their faith in God.

They are devout Catholics who are actively involved in their church, and they are always taking care of others, whether it be the people at church or elsewhere in the community. If there is someone in need, Albert and Coby are there at the drop of a hat.

“I admire them most for how giving they are of themselves to others,” Roy said. “My mother is always looking for a way she could help someone in need. She always remembers everyone’s birthday in our very large, extended family and will give more than she has. My father is always doing his best to make someone smile, either by being mischievous or telling a dirty joke. Together, they are the type of people that will sit next to someone on an airplane and come out with a new best friend. They are well-loved by friends and family alike.”

Albert and Coby are just endlessly loving people. They pour their hearts out into other people and have always wanted to do whatever they can do for people whenever they can.faithful love

People always come first for this loving couple, and they complement each other very well in this way, as well as with their differing personalities. Albert has a great sense of humor that can light up any room, Coby is the energetic one of the group, and together they have hosted amazing parties that have always involved their friends and neighbors.

When people are involved, Albert and Coby are happy, and they show their compassion wherever they go.

“Our parents have always worked well together, and although our dad cannot keep up with our mom, he has always done his part to help clean the house, make dinner for us and take care of Roy and I when we were sick, or needed to go to the doctor,” Lorena said. “Their marriage is truly a 50-50 partnership. They also LOVE to dance and have fun. A lot of my memories are of my parents dancing – whether it was going out with their friends to dance, or at our house, or (embarrassingly) at a restaurant or out in the street when they would hear good music.”

Albert is the best dance partner to Coby, and they are just an extremely loving couple.

From the story of buying their first mattress as a couple to the story of Coby replacing another woman on a blind date with Albert, there have been countless memories that this couple has made, and they are stories that their grandchildren will tell one day.

Albert and Coby have a lifetime of love and memories packed into 50 years of marriage, and their children know that there are many more years to come for their parents. Roy and Lorena love their parents with all their heart, and they could not imagine better people to have raised them over the years.

“Their 50-year love story has been an inspiration to their children, family and friends,” Roy said. “Though they have slowed down in their older age, their love remains as strong as ever.“

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