‘Fierce Devotion’: Lane Russell is a hard-working mother of two who has dedicates her life to helping kids

Lane Russell has dedicated her life to looking out for the best interests of children, first through tireless work as an education policy professional and currently as a dedicated mother to her own children, Violet (8) and Maxwell (4). She also spends time advocating for kids and taking up causes that can benefit children who need support, all while running her home and making every sacrifice for her kids.

The job of raising Violet and Maxwell to be loving, respectful and successful human beings can be difficult and thankless, but Lane projects nothing but positivity in doing it. She knows how important the job is, so she puts her head down and tackles every challenge. The kids feel that love and can appreciate the effort now, but undoubtedly will recognize all of their mom’s sacrifices as they get older.

Brandon sees and appreciates all of it now, knowing how much goes into making it all work.

“She runs our entire life and household,” he said. “She is a loving mother and caring wife, and she is fast friends with anyone she meets. Lane is the most sunny person I know. She also has a ton of grit. She personifies dedication and improvement through diligence and hard work.”

Even in her free time, Lane is working on children’s behalf. She serves in the Fred A. Olds Elementary School PTA and does work around the school and her community that benefits kids. Lane is determined to make the lives of children better, by whatever means she has at her disposal, and she works hard in support of that cause.

“She has a fierce devotion and dedication to the best interest of the children at all times,” Brandon said. “She provides ever-present support as an advocate, example and a boost to the kids. She is always in their corner with no reservations or qualifications and is determined to provide a foundation of love and support to them.”

Brandon thinks back to all their years together, the unforgettable memories they made in Washington, D.C., and the cab driver who slammed his brakes and “berated” Brandon for not marrying her sooner. Brandon joked that they had been together for six years at the time, when it was really just a few weeks, but the lecture still hit home for him.

Life has had its chaotic moments along the way and some days feel like the family is just treading water. Through all the challenges of raising young children, Lane’s role has been incredible for Brandon to watch. He knows, just as the children do, that Lane is doing something bigger than herself as a mother and wife who is thriving even when she doesn’t know it. Her hard work does not go unnoticed.

“Lane, I love you and this life we have built together,” Brandon said. “Thank you for your patience and love. I don’t want you to lose your sense of self during this season of young children. COVID has made it seem like every day is the same in an endless cycle of weeks. This isn’t true.

“I love you for Lane, not as a mother, or a wife and want you to know this and have the space you need.”fierce devotion

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