‘Grace & Forgiveness’: Her family may put her through a lot, but Holly Principe does not let that stop her from being a devoted wife and mother

There are kind and loyal people out there, and then there is Holly Principe.

According to her husband Nate, Holly is the most special and amazing woman he has ever met. She is more than just nice, but she is someone who genuinely cares about everyone around her.

“She is the most kind and loyal person I’ve ever met,” Nate said. “I don’t always deserve her level of loyalty. I have the utmost respect for her ability to forgive and grow from being hurt. She’s a fantastic mother who was born to do the job. Her ability to sacrifice for her family is one of her most admirable qualities.”

On top of all these wonderful qualities Holly possesses, she is also committed. She is committed to her husband, to their triplets and to everyone in between.

There is not a thing Holly would not do for Nate, Chase (11), Maddox (11) or Noah (11). She loves them all the same, and Nate says she is the most extraordinary mother on this earth.

“She gets up early to make her children breakfast every day. She cooks us delicious dinners pretty much every night. She sacrifices her own happiness for her family all the time. She’s patient, loving, affectionate and just outright amazing.”

Family is the number one priority in Holly’s eyes, and this is something Nate noticed right off the bat when they met all the way back in middle school. He knew early on in life that she was a special woman, and that’s why they have been together ever since.

Even through some of the bad times where they drifted apart, Holly always has a way of reeling Nate back in and focusing on their marriage. She is such a dedicated wife who is the most understanding person Nate has ever known, and he is grateful for all the times she has stuck by his side.

“She’s the light of my life,” he said. “Her loyalty and loving nature means everything to me. Her devotion to her family inspires me constantly. I’d be lost without her. She’s taught me so much about myself and about being a parent.”

Nate knows he does not always make life easy for Holly, but he is thankful for her nonetheless. He has learned so much from being married to her, and he is trying to become a better person each and every day.

Nate also knows that his wife is someone who is dedicated to her craft. She is a hardworking individual who spends her working hours taking care of others. She works for a nonprofit organization, and this is something that fits her personality to a T.

“She works at a nonprofit center for expecting mothers,” Nate said. “She works in the donor development team and works very hard as a sort of monkey wrench for the company, doing whatever they ask of her. Again, her ability to sacrifice shows up at work as well. She enjoys helping new mothers learn about the benefits of breastfeeding.”

On top of being a selfless individual at work as she is constantly helping others, Holly is not afraid to make sacrifices there either. She does what she is told and she is open to any task they ask of her, no matter how tall it may be.

Anyone who sees Holly in action – whether at work or at home – is in constant amazement. She is such a people first person, and everyone around her is appreciative of this fact.

Nate also knows that his wife enjoys her downtime and, even though she does not get much of that these days, she finds time to take part in her hobbies… especially when her family is involved.

“She works so hard she likes to relax in her free time,” Nate said. “She loves to watch true crime documentaries. She loves taking her kids on day trips and spending time with the family. She’s very handy and constantly impresses me with how many repair projects she will jump in front of in our home. More than me!! Her family is her hobby. She’s devoted to her household 100 percent. She’s also an amazing cook.”

No matter how you look at it, everything about Holly always comes back to her family first mentality. She loves and adores her children, her husband and everyone in between, and they feel the same about her.

And on top of it all, Nate constantly finds a way to reflect on their trip to Maine together. It was a major turning point in their relationship and devotion to one another, and it is one of the many things that makes Nate fall more and more in love with Holly every single day.

“Her patience in the face of the rage of three pre-pubescent boys is very admirable to watch,” he said. “While the rage isn’t always omnipresent, her patience and understanding most certainly is. She’s always had a hard time putting herself first, which I see as an obstacle in her finding true happiness. But I don’t doubt that she will get better as the children (and her husband) age. It doesn’t hurt that she’s the most beautiful and sexy person I’ve ever met, both inside and out.”

Holly is truly one of a kind, and her beauty spreads far past just her looks. She is there for all her boys (including Nate) consistently, and they realize that.

Without Holly, Nate, Chase, Maddox and Noah know they’d be lost in life, and they are grateful for her with each passing day.

“With everything we’ve been through. All the pain. All the joy. Life’s roller coaster of sadness and happiness. Through all the variables, you’ve been my constant. I can’t imagine raising a family with anyone else. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. I haven’t always made the best decisions, but your grace and forgiveness has shown me the true meaning of love.” – Nate

‘Grace & Forgiveness’: Holly Principe

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