‘She Makes Me The Happiest Man In The World’: This is exactly how Alessandro Bonura feels about his wife Amanda

Amanda Bonura can truly do it all.

She is a teacher and she is on the board of directors for Bradford minor hockey association. Yet on top of this she has found the time to raise her children with excellence while stealing her husband’s heart each and every day.

“I want to remind my wife that she is the rock of our family and to tell her how much I love her,” Alessandro said. “She does all the little things for our family that don’t ever get noticed. I want her to know that they don’t go unnoticed. She is a full-time teacher who is very involved in the everyday wellbeing of the school, plus she takes care of almost all extra curricular events at her school.”

What is amazing about Amanda is the fact that she has found balance in this all. She juggles so many different things between family life and work life, but she still manages to make time for herself too.

Amanda has so many amazing qualities in general, and that makes Alessandro as happy as can be. He loves everything about his wife, quirks and all.

“Before we were dating we would see each other from time to time as we hung out with the same friends,” he said. “One day I saw her wearing Lululemon pants with her pants tucked into her white socks. Back then I thought it was strange and would make fun of her for it. To this day I still mention this as it was funny at the time.”

At the time, Alessandro may have thought that look was a little dorky. However, anyone who hears this would assume this dorkiness stuck in the back of his mind and is one of the many reasons why he fell for his wife.

Well, that and many other reasons. Alessandro has a laundry list full of qualities that he loves about his wife, but he was able to narrow it down to some of his favorites.

“Her smile.

She’s responsible.

She’s trustworthy.

She’s honest.

Her care for others.

She’s forgiving.

She’s a good listener.

Her great sense of humor.

She is supportive and motivating.

She respects herself.

She’s independent.”

Alessandro could go on and on about the many wonderful traits his wife possesses. But as you can see, she is a particularly compassionate individual who also has a sense of independence. She knows how to care for others while also taking care of herself, which is a character balance not many people have.

Plus, she is a great mother. She makes sure her hockey loving son, Gabriel (8), and her gymnastics enthusiast daughter, Chiara (6), are always taken care of. She puts them first in any and every situation, and Alessandro says it is a sight to behold.

“Amanda is the greatest parent,” he said. “She is the foundation of our family. We would not be able to function without the organization and care that Amanda provides for me, Gabriel and Chiara.”

It’s amazing how much of a matriarch Amanda really is. She takes care of her family first and foremost, and for that they are eternally grateful.

On top of this, she shows her sense of dedication and compassion wherever she goes. She is committed to everyone and everything, and she gives 100 percent to everything she does.

“Amanda displays exemplary dedication, determination, tenacity and courage in whatever she does,” Alessandro said. “She breaks the barriers that restrict her potential and sets high goals for herself. Amanda is an inspirational woman who climbs up the ladder of success while uplifting others around her.”

There is not a challenge Amanda cannot face head-on, and her ability to succeed well in everything is something her husband and children do not take for granted.

And to top it all off, she has made every moment with her loved ones count. There are so many amazing memories Amanda has created with her family, and that is all because she makes every day special.

“We have been together for around 18 years and there are a lot of great memories,” Alessandro said. “Our first dating anniversary where we spent a weekend at a cottage. Our first vacation together, which was to Cuba. It was the first time I had ever been on an airplane. Our wedding day that was totally planned by Amanda and to this day I have people tell me that it was the greatest wedding they’ve ever been to.”

Wow! Talk about an impactful presence.

It’s clear that everything Amanda touches becomes instantly better. She is a wonderful soul who is consistently lifting up the spirits of others. Her personality is unmatched and her family’s love for her is constant.

No wonder Alessandro loves his wife more than anything.

“I would like her to know that I love her with all my heart and that all the little things that she does for me and our family don’t go unnoticed,” he concluded. “She is my soulmate and she makes me the happiest man in the world.”


she makes me the happiest man in the world

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