I like to scribble

If you think of yourself as an artist or just love drawings, today is the best time to bring out your crayons, paints, markers and other art supplies to create a fun scribble.

Each year on March 27, we celebrate International Scribble Day. You could simply draw or write anything you want carelessly with or without any meaning to it. It is the day to show off your creativity, and no one will judge your artistic abilities.

When we talk about scribbling, we may refer to doodling. Although these two terms are very similar and often used interchangeably, there is still a slight difference between the origin of these two words.

The word scribble can be traced back to the Latin term “scribere,” which means “to write.” To scribble means to write down something hastily in an illegible manner. On the other hand, doodle came from the German word “Dudeltopf” or “Dudeldop”, meaning a type of non-professional art form.

The establishment of this holiday also didn’t go too far. In 2019, the author of the book “I’m NOT Just a Scribble”, Diane Alber, introduced this holiday through a Facebook post. Alber wanted to encourage children to create art with kindness regardless of their ability.

This idea went viral and received many positive responses from teachers and parents. Many people started celebrating today by scribbling different shapes, lines and other interesting ideas in their minds.

Some fun facts about the benefits of scribbling include improving cognitive functioning, reducing stress and anxiety, being productive, relaxing our brains and escaping from your hectic daily routines for a while.

Today is all about inspiring innovative and creative ideas. You could draw almost anything you like just on a piece of paper. To make this activity more interesting, share all your amazing artwork on social media and make some global connections with others.

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