Keep working hard… it will pay off someday


Last year, shooting guard Olivia Thompson walked onto South Carolina’s women’s basketball team as an in-state recruit who put up good numbers in high school. This year, she is now on scholarship, as her coach and teammates surprised her with the news last week through a video call and an in-person surprise.



Thompson probably woke up that morning thinking it was just an ordinary morning, and thought that it was going to be like any other videoconference team meeting. What this video shows is that hard work and dedication can pay off in many ways. Thompson grinded her freshman year, just fighting for a spot on the team and trying to contribute to her team’s winning ways any way she could.

Now, she has earned a scholarship with three years of NCAA eligibility left, but that does not mean she will let off the brakes now. She still has to prove that she is worthy of her scholarship and that they gave it to the right person. She will want to show why coach gave it to her, and why her hard work is deserving of the scholarship.

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