‘Like The Sun’: Cameron shines bright in Randy’s life and he cannot imagine life without her

Randy Goldberg and Cameron Barbera’s relationship is unique, special and full of love all at the same time.

For starters, Randy is 58 and Cameron is 29, but to them age is just a number. They truly love one another and are grateful for each other, and Randy is glad that he found the love of his life back in 2019.

To Randy, Cameron is the most beautiful, loving woman he has ever met. She exudes beauty and is skilled at everything she does. From being an extraordinary office manager to a truly wonderful mother, there is nothing Cameron is incapable of.

“Cameron is absolutely stunning and is so smart and has so many skills that are amazing,” Randy said. “She was the state high school soccer player of the year as a junior in Arizona and combines that with amazing writing and art talent. She runs my law firm, and most importantly is the best mother ever and the best partner. She is loved and is so sexy and classy. She is truly formidable and the ONE.”

So much can be said about this wonderful woman. Cameron makes life easier and better for Randy in more ways than one, and he is completely okay with her crashing his 56-year-old bachelor lifestyle.

It seems like every day Randy finds a new reason to love his girlfriend, as there are about a million amazing things about her. She has a wonderful, well-rounded personality, and she is also a woman of great character.

“I admire her willingness to do anything to make things succeed and her desire to please everyone and work so hard at everything she does, from the law firm to being a mom and a partner in my life… despite her being much younger than me by almost 30 years,” Randy said.

The effort Cameron shows in every facet of life is absolutely amazing. She perseveres and works hard, and she is certainly dedicated to everything in life.

She is also a fearless woman with a great sense of adventure. Cameron is not afraid to try new things, and she is also a very smart woman. If there are any flaws about her, they are very difficult to find.

“She can do anything and has no fear of failure or embarrassment,” Randy said. “She is a force of nature and I’m jealous of her intelligence and all her gifts, from beauty to brains to morals (which she got from her two amazing parents). She is one of a kind. She loves family time and making all of us happy and loved. And she always looks gorgeous.”

As Randy said, Cameron cherishes family time. There is nothing more important to her than spending quality time with the ones you love, and that is why she makes that a priority in her own life.

Especially with her son.

Cameron has a 5-year-old son, Cimeon, and he is her absolute world. She would do anything and everything for him, and she is definitely a protective mama bear.

“She just will do anything for her son or family no matter what it takes or the costs,” Randy said. “She is selfless and does for everyone else before herself. Cimeon, also called by the nickname Cimmy, is the love of her life and the best 5-year-old boy ever.”

From playing dress up to playing sports or drawing, time with her son is amazing. She cherishes it and would not trade it for anything.

Cameron is also a great role model to Cimeon, showing him how to live life to the fullest. She encourages him to be himself and to not let anyone tell him otherwise.

Plus, Cimeon has made Randy proud to be a father despite not knowing if he would ever want children prior.

Cameron also encourages Randy to be the best version of himself as well. She truly does bring out the best in him and makes him strive to be everything she deserves. He loves her for a reason and is grateful for all he gets to learn from Cameron.

“She makes me look better in every way as she is so gorgeous and smart and runs my office,” Randy said. “Cameron always makes me shine and she glows like the sun and will do anything to make my life better and easier… In other words, she will do anything to make me or her son or family happy. She is perfect!”

Cameron is truly remarkable and one of a kind. She is irreplaceable and is appreciated by many people all around her, even those at the law firm. Everyone who knows Cameron is better off because of it, as people like her do not come around often.

“There have been so many amazing memories, from meeting her on a blind date and seeing how absolutely stunning she was to meeting the most precious thing in her life, Cimeon, at the ice cream shop, to meeting her parents for the first time and being so nervous and then meeting the whole family on a camping trip without knowing how to use a shovel,” Randy said. “Then her first rock concert… and buying her both her dream house and car. All in all, everyday is another wonderful memory ! 

It is easy to see why Randy loves Cameron as much as he does, and he is glad she took a chance on him. He is looking forward to the future with her and Cimeon, and he wants her to know just how much he truly loves her.

“She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I thank her for all she does and has done for me/us and our son. She makes me better in every way and gave me my own family now. Plus her extended family loves me so much and I’m totally blessed that she chose me to be her lover and friend.” – Randy

‘Like The Sun’: Cameron Barbera

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