Making An Impact With Family & Friends

Pat McTaggart is a true voice for the voiceless who is always going to stand up for what she believes in.

She makes an impact on so many lives just by being her, and her family is forever grateful for the things she has done for them and for all that Pat has taught them.

“She is kind, thoughtful and a wonderful cook who is famous for her delicious custard,” Pat’s daughter, Julie, said. “She has a strong catholic faith and loves attending Dr. Beckman’s masses at St. Wenceslaus church and seeing her many wonderful longtime church friends. She taught many years of religious education at St. Thomas More church along with being very active in the National Right to Life organization for years and very involved in the pro-life movement and Right to Life rallies in Washington, D.C.”

At 85 years old, she is still kicking and fighting for the things she believes in, and she deserves to be honored for that.

Not many people are as passionate and proactive in the fight against abortions at Pat is, and whether you attribute that to her strong faith or her strong morals, it is commendable no matter how you put it.

“So many admire her kindness and lovingness, and how committed to her faith she is, along with all her involvement for many years in the pro-life movement for the unborn,” Julie said.

Pat has always lived by doing, and she has always been a great role model throughout the years for her four children, seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Pat has taught her children the importance of thank you’s, being respectful and the importance of family. She has spent a lifetime instilling the morals and values she believes in down to her family.

“Some of our favorite memories with her are when she made sure we always had family dinner together and were always saying a prayer before anyone could eat,” Julie said. “She would make sure us kids would say a quick silent prayer to ourselves whenever an ambulance went by with its siren on too. Another memory I have is her bringing us kids home Pagliai’s Pizza after getting off from her job at Mercy Hospital at 11 p.m.”

Her children have blessed Pat with many grandchildren and great grandchildren, she cherishes the time and moments spent with each of them.

“She loves to have her family and friends around her to play games like Shut the Box and Farkle, and she loves hearing a good funny joke so she can make sure to share it with others later,” Julie said.

If you are not learning something new or having a good time when you are around Pat, then either you are missing out, or something is wrong with you because she is a one-of-a-kind person to be around.

The difference this mom has made on this earth is something that her family will always take with them wherever they go, and they look forward to spending more birthdays with such a wonderful mom.

“Mom, you have taught us all right from wrong and let us each learn lessons from our mistakes, while still showing unconditional love,” Julie said. “I love talking with you, either about my kids or my grandkids. I always get your supportive advice and your great experience of knowledge. Just having some great mother-daughter meaningful conversations is something I will never take for granted.”

“We love you very much. Happy 85th Birthday!” – Patti, Bill & Juliemaking an impact with family & friends

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