Michelle Forry: ‘An extraordinary caregiver who has a big heart filled with love’

Mom. One of the most incredible appellations in this world that consists of endless love and affection. Even during moments of uncertainty and struggle, Mom will always be the brightest candle to shine through the family and kids.

For Chad, his mom, Michelle, is truly an amazing woman who gives so much back to her family and only asks to pay it forward in return.

“My mom is a very strong and independent woman. She is also the most kind and giving person I know in this world, and she has sacrificed more than words can explain,” Chad said.

Michelle was born in Pennsylvania and takes on the responsibility of handling different situations of her mom, Marlena, who has early-onset dementia.

Under such a challenging time, she still took good care of her three boys — Scott, Chad and Thomas — in their early lives, alongside her husband Gary. They have been inseparable since the kids were young.

“She is always making sure those around her are taken care of and fed. She is a master of all things food, and no challenge is too big for her to tackle head-on, ” Chad said. “Everything she does and every breath she takes is for the good of her family.”

In Chad’s eyes, Michelle can be described as a gentle butterfly who is fierce as a lion when needed.

She contains an unwavering passion to help and support others and can fight like a superhero in the dimmest moments.

While caring, Michelle also has a hilarious memory with her kids that every single person in the family will share forever.

“When my older brother Scott and I were both teenagers, we were in the car while waiting for our mom to come out to the car. My brother stuck a toothpick in her seat and when she jumped in and sat down, it ended up poking her right through her pants,” Chad said. “She was super mad at that time. But anytime it gets mentioned, there is nothing but laughs from all parties.”

Despite spreading joy and looking after her family, Michelle’s giving spirit has deeply affected those surrounding her in different workplaces as well. She spent the majority of her life in a healthcare center as a phlebotomist. She used her selflessness and kindness to provide optimal care to each patient without any hesitation.

Recently, she switched her career path and works as a supervisor for one of the discount gift companies, Local Favor, and continues impressing others with her fabulous work ethic and goodness.

Besides being a caregiver to other people, Michelle also has the best listening ears with lots of helpful pieces of advice.

“She is always there to help the ones she loves no matter what’s happening,” Chad said. “She is so loved, and I just want to let her know how much we appreciate everything she’s done.”

On top of dedicating all her efforts to her family and job, Michelle enjoys gardening, nature walks and spending time with Bison, an American Bulldog that she loves unconditionally.

“She is a big fan of gardening and loves to grow her own vegetables along with all things freeze and drying and canning to store and preserve all her hard work in the garden,” Chad said.

As time has passed, Michelle’s own children have all grown up and brought five lovely grandchildren, Savannah, Summer, Jackson, Chloe and Colton, into her life.

Together, they have created a lot of precious memories, no matter what the activity is.

“One of my favorite moments is when we drove across the country, from Pennsylvania to California, to visit and spent a week with my little brother Thomas, his family, his girlfriend Chelsea and their kids. We really had a great time there,” Chad said.

Staying with Michelle has sincerely been special. She has used her unconditional love and positivity to direct each of her children, and even the grandkids, to be better people.

She is certainly a light who shines in every place she is in and those around her. Without her, everything will fall apart.

“Mom, you mean everything to me. Although sometimes it may seem like I don’t listen to you, I’d have lost in this world without your continued guidance. I hope to become even half the person you are in this world.” — Chad


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