‘More Than You Can Imagine’: Bethany’s family loves and appreciates her more than anything or anyone in the world

Bethany Fincher makes her family’s world go round.

She is the rock of the family and a matriarch unlike any other, and her husband and children rely upon her for everything. Through all of life’s highs and lows, Bethany is the one who helps her family through everything. She is a supporter and a comforter, and she makes Glenn, Constance and Raynor’s lives infinitely better.

“She’s pretty much my rock and my family’s rock,” her husband Glenn said. “I don’t want to sound too cliche, but she is my hero. She figures out a way to make things work. She’s innovative on top of that. She’s good at smoothing off the rough edges.”

No matter what is going on in life, Bethany makes sure her family is taken care of. She spends time with them, lifts them up and is an overall great spirit.

She also loves having fun, especially when family is involved. From playing darts to just spending time together, Bethany makes fun times and family time a priority.

Bethany is also someone who is a very wonderful friend. Her friends who know her well know just how selfless and caring she is. She is genuine and she is reliable, and people know they can count on Bethany.

“She’s very giving with her time,” Glenn said. “She’s also very efficient with her time. When she goes and does things, she’s a multitasker. She accomplishes two or three goals at the same time. She’s one of the types of people who can go from pure chaos to nine course dinner and have it all cleaned up before she is ready to serve it. And you still feel like you are getting her full attention.”

That’s the effect Bethany has on people and on life. She makes you feel seen and she makes you feel loved, and she definitely makes you feel like a priority.

Her children in particular have this feeling day in and day out. Bethany loves Constance and Raynor, and even though they are both pretty grown up, that does not mean they do not need their mom. As much as Bethany loves her children, they also love her and cherish the moments they have with her.

“She’ll spend more time individually with our children,” Glenn said. “It might not be on the clock time, but it is constant and moving forward with things that are relevant to them. She’s getting involved with what they’re into. She’s really good about being there for them when they need her. She knows the right gift to get for them. She has an intuition about knowing what they want.”

Bethany knows exactly what her children want and need, and she is there for them in the blink of an eye. She has a bond with them unlike any other, and the connection is off the charts.

For Glenn, he is just happy that he has gotten to raise his children with such a wonderful mother and role model to look up to. He knows his wife is the best, and he will voice that day in and day out.

“You are the best, the greatest and I don’t want you to think I or the kids take you for granted. Even if we don’t always say it or show it, you are the rock of our family and we love you more than the number of stars in the sky times infinity.” – Glenn

‘More Than You Can Imagine’: Bethany Fincher

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