‘My Sunshine’: Caitlin Klepac means the world to her husband, and she is changing the world around her too

When their first date turned into five hours of talking, laughter and just a genuinely great time, Joseph and Caitlin knew that there was something different about the person sitting across the table from one another.

Fast forward ten years and they are married with a child, and they have had many more amazing conversations and tons of laughter over the decade.

For Joseph, he has learned so much from his wife over the years, and she has helped to change him for the better.

“Caitlin has been an inspiration to me since we met,” Joseph said. “She is an incredibly driven person and has inspired me to be a better person. She has a great sense of humor – always making me laugh and always laughing with me. She’s a great mother and a great wife overall. She is a talented cook, and she has great taste in movies, television, music and books.”

From her amazing sense of humor to her incredible drive, everything she does is nothing short of amazing.

Caitlin is someone who will give everything 110 percent, and she does not fall short in any area of life. She is successful in everything she does, and she is also very selfless.

She works at Michigan State University as a therapist, as she has a certain knack for helping out people in any way that she can.

“She is passionate about helping people,” Joseph said. “She cares deeply about working with her clients and making a difference in the world.”

That passion for helping the world Joseph was talking about starts with their three-year-old son. She would do anything for Spencer, and she is constantly making sure that he is taken care of.

“Caitlin is a great mother,” Joseph said. “She is always there for our son, providing him with whatever he needs. She is patient and caring, and she is a great listener. There is no one I would rather raise a family with than Caitlin.”

Caitlin is an amazing mother, and she is truly making a difference in her son’s life. She is raising him the right way, and Joseph knows that if Spencer follows his mother’s footsteps in any capacity, he will be a world changer as well.

Caitlin is always putting in the work. From being a wife and mom, to helping people at her job, she is a great role model for her son.

“I admire Caitlin’s drive; her tenacity,” Joseph said. “She sets goals and achieves them. She is well respected in her field. She is a great friend to those who she is friends with.”

People love being friends with Caitlin because she is someone who is driven and motivated, but she is also someone who is always lifting others up around her all the time. She is constantly making time for other people, and people are drawn to her dedication.

Her husband is so proud of her for all that she has achieved, and he is grateful to have such a woman in his life to help raise their son. She is a great wife, and he loves her more than anything.

“For me, the sun rises and sets with her. Caitlin is the person who I plan to spend the rest of my life with. I love you, sweetie.”my sunshine

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