Honor the elderly

lady in a wheelchair

Many of us will eventually leave homes and become more independent as we grow up, so we barely get any opportunities to come back and visit the elderly.

Sept 19 is the National Respect for the Aged Day.

This holiday is a Japanese festival started in a small town called Nomatanimura (now named Yachiyocho) after World War II. The mayor of this town proposed that young people should listen to the seniors’ advice, so Sept 15 developed into Old Folks Day.

A couple years later, this local celebration achieved great success within the nation, and thus evolved into a national ceremony.

In 1998, Japan announced a Happy Monday System, which used to move all the public holidays to Mondays, in order to let people enjoy a three-day weekend.

Starting this year, this commemoration is moved to the third Monday of September.

The older generation has provided a lot of meaningful guidance to the young people, and they also have made outstanding contributions to society with their wealth of knowledge.

Spend some time gathering with the elderly today. If you are away from home, then pick up your phone and say hello to them.

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