‘One of a kind’: Leigh Hamilton and Scott Muddiman plan to ride off into retirement in their 40-acre dream home

Leigh Hamilton and Scott Muddiman believe they’re on their way to retirement bliss.

Nana isn’t so sure.

Leigh and Scott have a hobby of flipping houses together, but their plan now is to put down roots after finding their 40-acre dream property.

The only problem? They had to move two hours north of their home in Mississauga to Collingwood, much to Nana’s dismay.

“I give them a couple years tops before they sell and move on to their next project,” Nana said, her tongue (mostly) in cheek.

The implication — and perhaps Nana’s own wishful thinking — was that another property will come along to capture their attention and bring Scott and Leigh back home.

“It’s in good fun,” son Spencer said. “They know she’s not a huge fan of the move, but it wouldn’t be too farfetched for her to think that.”

But this one does feel different.

The house feels perfect. It has a rustic feel and amazing views and is the furthest thing from the homes Scott and Leigh have renovated in the past.

“The size of the property alone is colossal compared to anything else they’ve owned,” son Taylor said. “It overlooks these small hills, this mountain-esque kind of scenery. It’s got the lake. It’s very picturesque. The neighbors closest to them are at least a mile away. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind house and property.”

Simply put, it’s a perfect fit for a-one-of-a-kind couple.

Finding the Collingwood house was the culmination of a partnership between Scott and Leigh that brought together two opposite thinkers. Scott’s analytical mind and Leigh’s creative talents have proven to be complementary beyond just renovating homes.

Together, they seem to bring just the right combination of left and right brain, her artistic expression with his sense of structure. Scott spent his whole career working at the industrial company his father founded and eventually sold to him, so he is well-versed in handling details both big and small.

Scott has also been good for Leigh and her family, bringing a new dynamic and more stability after he and his son Andrew merged in 2000 with Leigh, Spencer and his brother Taylor. Scott was a final nudge in the right direction that helped Leigh experience the freedom of working for herself.

“I appreciate what he’s done for my mom, making her happy and comfortable and that kind of thing,” Spencer said. “He’s helped her in so many different respects and in business so she could work for herself.”

Leigh still makes routine trips south to serve the clients from her interior decorating business. Over time, that attention could shift to the new home in Collingwood and usher in a more permanent change.

Maybe Nana will fully embrace it one day.

“I think that’s going to change,” Spencer said of his mom’s travels. “They won’t be coming as frequently in the next year or onwards. That’s Nana’s fear, for sure. She’s going to miss her son.”

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