‘Our Everything’: Jessica is loved and appreciated by her family and friends

There is a lot to be said about Jessica Gilman.

Not only is she a wonderful wife but she is an extraordinary mother to her seven children. She loves her family more than anything and she would do anything for anyone.

On top of this, Jessica is as selfless as they come. She is not only selfless in her job as a pediatric nurse, but she is selfless when it comes to being there for family and friends.

“Her heart is big,” Jessica’s husband Matt said. “She will give the shirt off her back even if that’s the last thing she has left. She goes the extra mile for others even if we don’t have the resources ourselves to do so. She is caring and loving.”

Jessica is constantly looking out for other people. She cares so much about others and giving them the best lives possible that she always puts herself last.

In that, Jessica does take a ton of time to spend with her family and friends. From playing pickleball to watching TV to going on trips to Maine, Jessica loves doing things with her loved ones.

She also transitioned very well from being a mother to four boys to being a mother to five boys and two girls, and she is their rock and their role model.

Jessica is so full of empathy as well, and she is constantly doing what it takes to make sure people get the best version of her. People genuinely enjoy being around Jessica, and that is because her personality is unparalleled.

“I admire her drive, her willingness to give to others, her heart and how hard she works and has worked to get to where she is,” Matt said. “She also makes those who work with and around her be better people and workers as well.”

And don’t get us wrong. On the surface, Jessica is just a regular girl. She enjoys listening to music, going shopping, joking around with her husband and spending time with her children, but on the inside she is someone with the biggest heart in the world who anyone around her can learn from.

“I wish I could be even half the person she is,” Matt said. “I try my best in other ways to give back to others such as holding doors, saying hello and good morning, or asking someone if they are okay. She drives me to be better.”

In fact, Matt even said the most important thing he has learned from his wife is how to love. She has such an infatuation with life itself, and Jessica certainly makes the most out of everything.

To Matt, Ryder (18), Kadyn (16), Cyrus (14), Jaxyn (12), Valyn (9), Emery (7) and Madyx (5), Jessica is everything. She is their world and their rock, and she is the matriarch and the glue that holds it all together.

That is why they appreciate her as much as they do.

“Jessica, I hope you love this gift as much as I love you.” – Matt

‘Our Everything’: Jessica Gilman

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