‘P.S. I Love You’: George loves his wife more than anything and is far and away super appreciative of her love for God

There are some people who center their lives around their faith in God. And then there’s people like Sherry Lewis Humphries who allow their faith to shape the entirety of their being.

And her husband George is very appreciative of this.

George himself is a pastor who gets to travel the country with his devoted pastor’s wife, but even he will tell you that she has taught him more than a fair share of things when it comes to faith. She helps keep him grounded and helps him keep his focus, and he is grateful for the woman of God that Sherry is.

“It’s obvious that when you are committed to living a Christian life, it shapes everything you do,” George said. “It was just a clear cut decision she made as a young lady to be pure at heart and pure in action, and to always keep the faith.”

And it shapes the personality that Sherry has. On top of learning so much from a faith perspective from his wife, George is consistently being taught so many other things from Sherry as well. From the way she treats others to the way she looks at life, he is constantly learning from her.

“She’s always a forgiving person,” George said. “Sherry’s always looking to help someone correct the mistakes they’ve made. She has always been centered on pleasing Christ in whatever that is. Her life is a testimony of the Christian woman.”

Being centered around pleasing Christ includes living life the way he did. And that is exactly what Sherry does.

Sherry treats others with kindness and has such a servant’s heart. She is selfless in every meaning of the word, and she is a truly genuine friend to all.

“Her mind is always on helping someone in whatever they need,” George said. “If not helping, it’s at least showing she cares. Whether it’s a skinned knee or a broken heart. She’s just got a heart of gold. She’s never self-absorbed either.”

Sherry is constantly putting others way before herself, and that is something that is appreciated by the people around her. She cares so much and wants what is best for everyone around her, and that is not taken for granted.

Sherry is also someone who is a truly wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother. With two children [Jarrett (51) and Felicia (44)]; eight grandchildren (Daniel (30), Torie (29), Ryan (24), Dillon (22), Alyssa (22) [and new husband Jason (22)], Kaylynn (21), Ethan (18) and Nathan (15)]; and one great grandchild [Jemma (4)], Sherry has plenty of love to show and a ton of compassion to go around.

“She’s got a heart of gold, like I mentioned before,” George said. “She was destined in her entire upbringing to raise children. She is all about taking care of her children and me.”

When it comes to love and support, Sherry is the number one provider of that to her family. Her children and everyone else all look up to her for advice and for anything role model related, and that is something that George really loves and appreciates about his wife.

Sherry is just such a wonderful woman with a whole lot of love in her heart and a whole lot of Jesus in her heart, and George is grateful to call her his wife.

“The Beatles said it best:

“’Treasure these few words till we’re together, keep all my love forever, P.S. I love you.’”

PS I love you

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