Roller Coasters are exhilarating!

side winding roller coaster

Roller Coasters come in all shapes and sizes.

From a few small ups and downs to going 100 miles an hour while twisting upside down, there is a roller coaster for everyone.

And on this National Roller Coaster Day, we hope it’s a day that is a good reminder to everyone to go out and have a thrill.

Roller coasters have come a long way from the gravity rides that the Russians first built over 500 years ago to the coasters we see today, but the concept and their purpose have remained the same… to give people something that is fun, enjoyable and different. So, whether you are a thrill seeker or someone who likes to keep things basic, you are sure to find a roller coaster that is perfect for you.

Have an exhilarating day!

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