‘Schmoopy: Our Wife and Mother’ – Stephanie Stillman has a bright smile and a love for life and people

“An amazing and selfless mother and wife.”

This was how Brian Stillman started off talking about his wonderful wife Stephanie. And that is because it is very true. She is a family woman through and through, and Stephanie’s love and devotion to her husband and daughters is completely unmatched.

She is also an amazing daughter, sister and auntie.

Brian knew early on in their relationship that Stephanie was a truly remarkable woman. He saw something in her that he had not seen in anyone else before.

“I knew you were the one when we took our trip to New York and we were on the carriage ride in Central Park,” Brian said.

Brian has not looked back since. And despite Stephanie’s keen ability to laugh when he foolishly injures himself, all the adventures and fun times they have together more than make up for it.

Stephanie is a special woman with a lot to offer. Her personality is something a lot of people admire about her.

“I admire her resilience,” Brian said. “I admire her thoughtfulness toward her husband, family and friends. Her interest in learning new things. Her enjoyment of travel and adventures… I am impressed with what an amazing cook she has become and how quickly she is progressing and enjoying tennis.”

On top of all this, Brian really admires the mother Stephanie is to their two girls, Zoey (11) and Pyper (8).

Stephanie does everything for them. She prioritizes her daughters and makes sure they have everything they need at all times.

Stephanie is also a great role model and a true comforter. She makes sure Zoey and Pyper know her love for them will never waver.

“What makes her an excellent mom is her selfless devotion and love in caring for the girls and giving them the best possible childhood,” Brian said.

Stephanie is a great teacher as well. Not just to her own daughters, but to her husband too. Brian has learned patience and kindness from watching the way his wife carries herself.

“Steph is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt,” Brian said. “She does not have trouble looking at things from other people’s point of view.”

This is something Brian really admires about her.

Stephanie had a versatile career in marketing and pilates before focusing on taking care of the family. She is now the glue to the Stillman family of four, and they could not imagine their lives without her.

Stephanie Stillman is a truly special and amazing person, and there are infinite reasons as to why all her loved ones cherish and appreciate her as much as they do.

“Schmoopy, as we go into the next chapters of our lives together, I look forward to further exploring a carefree side of our relationship and to continue our adventurous path via travel, cultural events, hanging with our family or with friends. And doing it all with a smile on our faces!” – Brian

Always Smile: Stephanie Stillman

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