Second To None: Terri means absolutely everything to Trevor, and he cannot imagine life without her

When you ask Trevor Marshall talks about his wife, Terri, there are a few words that come to mind right off the bat in terms of her personality:






Of course, he also thinks about her adventurous spirit and her unique inability to swim properly. Plus she shares Trevor’s same love of EDM music and is a loving friend and family member. But most importantly, together Trevor and Terri have a united front that Trevor absolutely loves and appreciates.

Terri is the love of Trevor’s life and he appreciates her so much. She has been there for him through thick and thin, and he loves his simple, fun, amazing life with her.

“We like to travel, go to concerts, constantly joke and laugh our heads off, play with our dogs, lay by the pool, go out for dinners, spend time with friends, and just enjoy each other’s company in general,” Trevor said.

No matter what it is they are doing, as long as they are together Trevor is happy.

Terri is a fun-loving woman who makes life infinitely better for all those around her, and that is why so many people love her. They all have a good time when they are with Terri, and they also appreciate her selflessness.

Terri cares so much about those around her, and she is an everlasting presence. She is someone who is reliable and who is always there, and that does not go unnoticed.

Terri has a huge heart as well. She is understanding and genuine, and she is a true friend to all.

“Terri is a great mother, wife, daughter and friend,” Trevor said. “Her caring and concern, willingness to listen and help wherever she can, and her awesome sense of humour are amazing,” Trevor said. “In addition to working full-time, being a caretaker to me and our pets and our two adult handicapped home share clients, she also looks after her elderly mother with dementia and does it all happily and without complaint.”

Terri loves taking care of others, and that is evidenced day in and day out by the way she cares for her mother and her home share clients. Anytime any of them need anything, Terri is right there by their side.

Plus she is an amazing mother to her son Travis. Terri is always there for him and has been a support system for his entire life, and he knows he can always count on his mother to be there for him.

Overall, Terri is just an amazing woman. She is someone that people look up to and strive to be like, and she is someone whose expectations you want to live up to.

“Mostly I just want to be good enough for her, because I feel like she could have chosen almost anyone and for some reason she chose me,” Trevor said. “The very knowledge that she could have done better than me makes me want to strive to be good enough for her and I think that I will be pursuing that end for the rest of my life.”

Trevor loves his wife more than she realizes, and she brings out the best in him. She makes him strive to be better and to be a great human being, and he is consistently thankful for her.

Plus, her personality expands far beyond what was mentioned earlier.

“She is hilarious and has a dark sense of humour, especially chirping me or narrating our dogs’ adventures in their ‘voices’ in real time,” Trevor said. “I love her kindness and compassion, patience and understanding, thoughtfulness, and her still being beautiful and young-looking. I love her sense of adventure and willingness to try new things like scuba diving with bull sharks without a cage even though she can barely swim. She is also resilient, wise, creative and forgiving.”

What more can be said about this amazing woman? If you do not want to get to know Terri after learning more about who she is, then you might want to check yourself at the door.

But in all honesty, she is simply sensational and a woman who makes so many people’s lives infinitely better, and she is appreciated for great reason.

“ I truly hope I die before she does, because going through the things in my childhood that I went through that plagued me well into my 30s before finally getting my life together at the tender young age of 40 taught me that I can now handle anything that life throws at me… as long as I’m with her. The one thing I don’t know for sure I could overcome is losing her.” – Trevor

Second To None  Terri means absolutely everything to Trevor, and he cannot imagine life without her

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