‘She’s the Center of My Life’: Craig loves Shauna more than anything, and that is because a wife like her is hard to find

When Craig talks about his wife and soulmate, Shauna Cahill-De Costa, you can tell she is an amazing person who makes life so special.

Anytime you ask Craig a question about Shauna, he will talk her up. He will tell you how much she changed his life and how much she means to him. He knows that he landed himself an extraordinary woman who he is thankful for every day.

So, what makes Shauna so special and amazing?

“She is a patient, kind, humble, loving, intelligent, caring person,” Craig said. “She is my soulmate. She has a great sense of humor. She questions authority, does her own research, is a healthy skeptic, libertarian, and believes in aliens.”

Shauna is truly a one-of-a-kind person who has a personality unlike any other. She lives life to the fullest and does not take crap from anyone, and her sense of humor is top notch.

Shauna is always 100 percent genuine, as she is not one to sugarcoat anything. She loves people and people love her, and it is no wonder she is adored by so many.

“Shauna’s personality is special because she is always authentically Shauna; what you see is what you get,” her close friend and former co-worker Lisa Arin said. “And there is always a dance party involved, which is also authentically Shauna!”

Shauna is a family law and criminal defense attorney.  She excels as a Guardian Ad Litem representing the interests of children in the Family Court.  “She is outstanding at building a rapport with the child,” Craig added. “Shauna is thorough and meticulous in her reports and recommendations to the court as to what is in the best interest of the child.”

“Shauna is a great co-worker because she is reliable and conscientious,” Lisa said.

In fact, their attorney jobs are what initially brought Craig and Shauna together, and Craig would not have had it any other way.

“We met at the courthouse years before we ever dated,” he said. “She kicked my butt in a trial. We became friends over the years, then best friends. We went on vacations together before we ever dated. Some of those trips included a catamaran adventure on North Shore Oahu, and trips to Boston and Las Vegas.”

Just being together is what is most important to Craig, as his wife is someone who makes him smile and just makes life so much better. She loves to sing and dance and is an authority on all things Disney.  Craig and Shauna have two cats and a dog, and Craig knows Shauna is the best animal mom out there.  She knows how to give them attention and affection while requiring their proper behavior.

Craig feels he has learned a lot from Shauna over the years. She has made such a powerful impact on his life, and she is the best wife he could ever ask for.  “I also know that she will be a great mom!”  Craig added.

“She makes me want to be a better person,” Craig said. “She gives me confidence without letting me get arrogant. She makes me laugh. She challenges me to think things through. She allows me to be myself. She is social and makes me feel at ease when meeting new people.”

Shauna is such a social butterfly who gets people to open up to her, and that is just one of the many reasons why Craig loves her. She is a cautiously optimistic person who sees life for what it is, and she also makes friendships meaningful.

“Shauna is a great friend because she is always trying to make sure her friends have fun and take time for themselves and their self-care,” Lisa said. “Shauna is committed to running and completing long-distance races including marathons. She has inspired and engaged her friends to join in the accomplishment of these long distance races, changing all of our lives for the better.”

Shauna is not just a friend who looks out for her people, but she is someone who is committed to everything she does and gets the people around her to do the same. She does not take things for granted, and she does not let her friends either.

“She has a good balance of being an intelligent, serious person as well as fun-loving,” Craig said. “As well as being a caring person. She treats others with kindness. And she’s a very patient person.”

And as if you did not think Shauna could become any better of a person, her first baby is due in June. Craig knows she is going to be a remarkable mother because she is amazing at everything else, and he cannot wait to bring their son into this world with her.

Shauna is just truly a special soul who anyone would be lucky to have in their life, and Craig is proud to be her husband who knows their son will be proud to have her as a mother. She is his world and she is his soulmate, and he is glad she took a chance on him all those years ago.

On this anniversary, Craig wants to celebrate his marriage in a special way and remind Shauna how much she truly means to him, and that he cannot wait to continue experiencing new restaurants with her.

“I love her. I appreciate her. I cannot imagine my life without her.”

she's the center of my life

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