soulinflow: “Just an ordinary girl with a extraordinary LOVE for life”

Greg MacNeil knew there was something special about Lynne Harford the first time he saw her at a Crossfit class on Zoom.

He started a new class and there was Lynne smiling through the screen and offering a “Good morning.” 

They talked after a class and Greg said, “I could feel her warmth and passion through the screen.”

Unfortunately, this was during the Covid pandemic in 2020 so they could only see each other on Zoom. Eventually, they met in person at the gym, which piqued his interest in her even more. 

Greg smiles as he remembers going for coffee with Lynne and sitting on a rock in Yorkville learning more about her and competing in their first Crossfit competition together. Those were great times, but they had yet to go out on a romantic date. 

Finally, on November 27, 2021, they met for a first date at the King Eddy Hotel in Toronto. They had dinner and talked until 3 a.m., and maybe shared a quick kiss during the first snowfall. 

The pair quickly fell for each other, and they had several amazing trips together, including to New York City and for Greg’s 50th birthday celebration at Pebble Beach. A celebration, Greg notes, was planned by Lynne and his best friend, James. 

Greg loves that Lynne has a huge heart and would do anything for her family and friends. 

“Everyone that comes in contact with Lynne can feel her warm heart and caring ways,” Greg said. “She has a way of making people feel loved.”

That warm heart also extends to Lynne’s work, where she works with young children who were in major car accidents or had major trauma in their life. 

Greg admires that even outside work, Lynne is always helping people. She has indigenous roots, and she supports many causes in the indigenous communities. Also, her dad got sick about five years ago and she visits him every Wednesday to spend the time with him, share life moments and just be close to him.

“When Lynne told me about her visits with her dad prior to us dating that truly won me over and melted my heart,” Greg said. “Lynne truly is kind, generous, passionate, caring, loving and gives her time to anyone that needs it.”

Lynne is also an animal lover who enjoys spending time with her Norwegian fjord horse, Delilah. She has a dog named Sammy and she shares Greg’s dog, Parker, as well. Greg loves that Lynne loves and cares for Parker and treats him as her own. 

Greg is amazed by Lynne’s zest for life, stating that she brings joy to everyone she meets, adding that she looks at the positive in life and is never negative.

Lynne has given me a new beginning, a new meaning to my life, and has allowed me to open up in ways I have never opened up before, Greg said.

“Lynne is my best friend, my soulmate, and life partner,” Greg said with a smile. “She is the air I breathe. She is everything one could truly wish for.”

To Lynne he says, “Thank you for seeing me through a computer screen and seeing someone kind, warm and caring and someone you knew you wanted to be with. Thank you for sharing me with your friends and family and most importantly, your dad. Thank you for trusting me with your heart.”

“I look forward to spending the next 50 years with Lynne Yvonne Harford,” Greg concluded.

To Macford.


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