Supreme Woman: Susan Spurling is a beloved mother and “Nanny” whose foundation is built on strong faith

With seven kids, five grandchildren, five great grandchildren and 80 years under her belt, Sue Spurling has no shortage of love to spread around. She is always there when you need her, and she has taught her family the meaning of respect, to always put family first, and to never gossip.

“Nanny is the ultimate matriarch and pillar of our family,” her oldest granddaughter, Noelle, said. “She’s the gold standard, the person everyone looks up to. My grandmother is passionate about her traditional, family-oriented values. She believes that family comes first, and that blood is thicker than water, and it seems every decision she makes comes down to that.”

Sue is a devout Christian. She is strong in her own beliefs and she believes in the power of having a strong foundation rooted in faith.

Sue is never one to shy away from anything. She loves staying active, whether it’s going golfing or shopping, or visiting her homes in Barnstable, MA, and Naples, FL. Any time she gets to spend with her beloved family is time she cherishes and is time well spent.

“Nanny is the rock to her entire family, and with a big extended family, she has influenced and loved so many of us! I think I speak for my whole family when I say that she is untouchable,” Noelle said. “Whether it be her loving heart, her (sometimes comically) blunt sentiments, her dedication and loyalty to family, her church and her friends, Nanny is the epitome of class and grace, and just overall a woman we can only aspire to be, and are better people for it.”

One of Sue’s biggest accomplishments in life is building a successful business with her husband, Daniel. They started Eastern Industrial Products, Inc. back in 1982, which sells precision die-cut gaskets, O-rings and custom molded rubber seals. They are successful to this day, and all of her hard work and dedication is continuing to pay off every day.

“Nanny and Dan created a very successful business from the ground up with no help or handouts from anyone,” Noelle said. “I am forever amazed! They had twins, Danielle and David, who have since taken over the business and have done so well. When Nanny was young, she worked her way through nursing school while raising my mother and uncle. Her work ethic is second to none.”

Even when it comes to running a business, Sue loves to involve her family in any way she can. She believes in the power of keeping it in the family, and she is a one-of-a-kind person with a great personality.

Her family loves her so much, and she has a huge heart and a giving heart. She is charitable and has so much energy, she is always go-go-go. She loves making everything “presentable”, always looks lovely, and has left a lasting impact on her family that will last for generations.

“I want my grandmother to realize how much I love her,” Noelle said. “I’m her first grandchild, and she loves saying that, which has always made me smile.”

Her first daughter, Heidi Lawton-McCarthy, shares similar sentiments.

“I will always treasure the way my mother looks at me as her oldest; the bond we share,” Heidi said. “Her love lifts me higher.”

“I love my Nanny, and just feel so darn blessed to have been born into a family which she is the pillar of! Happy 80th Birthday Nanny. We love you!” – Noelle

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