It’s July 29th… so make conversation on an elevator today

When you look at the calendar today, there are multiple different “holidays” that are celebrated on July 29.

From National Intern Day to System Administrator Day, it was difficult to choose between the two, as both are vitally important types of workers that help thrive. So instead of choosing between the two, I decided to take the time in this post to show our appreciation here at for our interns AND our system administrators and also say this is not the holiday I will be talking about today.

Instead, I will be going in a completely different direction and talking about National Talk in an Elevator Day.

That’s right. There is a day to remind people to have a conversation in an elevator. And it makes sense, right?

When you look at today’s society, it seems like now more than ever we like to seclude ourselves. When we hop onto an elevator, we seem to stand as far away from everyone else as possible and even sit on our phones for the short duration of the time. National Talk in an Elevator Day was created to remind people to do the opposite.

To some, an elevator ride is just that. To others, though, the interactions, or lack thereof, could determine how they feel the rest of the day. You truly do not know what someone is going through, and conversing with them on the elevator could be the mood changer that they need.

Look, I am by no means saying that you need to become best friends with the person you happen to get stuck on an elevator with. What I am saying is that, in a world where face-to-face interactions are going way down, you should be someone who stands out and talks to people you come into contact with when no one else will.

So, if you are on an elevator today, remember what today is all about and try to be a light in someone else’s world. It could truly make all the difference.

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