‘The Bedrock’: Sylvia Kumi Christopolous is the perfect balance of easy love and hard work in guiding her family of four

Story by Arielle Holding

Sylvia Kumi Christopolous doesn’t believe in giving up. With 50 years of living life with more passion and dedication than most, she’s no stranger to getting things done no matter the occasion. 

Whether it’s with her career, providing the best life possible for her children, or being an incredible wife, Sylvia strives to be the best at anything she puts her mind to. 

Her husband Kostas, and two daughters Talia and Ariana are not only used to her can-do attitude, they admire her for it. While some people are hardcore go-getters and others are more easy-going and laid back, Sylvia achieves the perfect balance of both.

Kostas appreciates this quality most about her and its ability to create harmony in their home. 

“She is really easy going when she lets her hair down, and she’s a lot of fun,” Kostas said. “But when she needs to be serious, she can be really tenacious that way. So, it’s a combination of two things that make her so special.”

Kostas knew this since meeting Sylvia in 1998 and falling in love with her soon after. Her amicable personality stuck out to him ever since their first date when she laughed at his jokes and endured a hockey game despite never being interested in the sport. 

Sylvia’s relentlessness is also very prominent in her children’s lives. Talia age 16, and Ariana age 13, know although their mom pushes them, she is pushing them for success. Her constant support allows them to excel with school, piano, volleyball, and any of their other pursuits. 

“She calls herself a tiger mom because she’s always on top of them,” Kostas said. “She does a wonderful job making sure that whatever resources we have are used to make sure that the kids benefit mentally and academically.” 

And Sylvia’s “tiger mom” efforts don’t go unnoticed by the community. According to Kostas, She is always the first one to volunteer at their kid’s school and is more than willing to put in the work, which everyone commends her for. 

Outside their family of four (and bernedoodle Zeus), Kostas and Sylvia make an effort to stay connected with their extended family, including Sylvia’s parents, Chiko and Lutfur. Kostas feels her unique cultural background compliments his own and says he knew their marriage was his fate in life. 

Together they expose their children to their various cultures through traveling and family vacations, offering some of the family’s most cherished moments. Their most recent vacation to Bora Bora was extra special because they revisited the same place they took their honeymoon. 

All the same, family and friends can vouch for Sylvia’s ability to light up a room whenever she is doing something she enjoys

“She really is the bedrock in our family,” Kostas said.

She is always available to craft, bike, bake homemade treats for every birthday, and give unconditional support to the people she loves. 

“I’m so glad that I met her and we got married and we created a family together,” Kostas said. “We have so many great memories together and I look forward to hopefully a lot more in the future.”

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