The best websites to check out for Christmas gifts in 2021

Christmas season is upon us, and with that comes gift shopping. This Christmas season, we wanted to point out some of the best websites to check out outside of the big name sites this year. So sorry Amazon and Walmart, but this article is not a free promotion for you guys.


This is easily one of our favorite gift websites ever. With endless options, this is the perfect website to help support small businesses and people who are trying to make a little extra money. With this website, you can go straight to the source instead of a middleman, and what’s more is that you can get any sort of personalized gift you can think of.

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I know we mentioned this in one of our recent articles, but it would be a shame if we did not point them out again. Not only can you get the aforementioned picture calendar, but you can get a wide variety of other photo gifts that would be perfect for your loved ones. From photo books to wall art, there is truly a gift for anyone and everyone on Shutterfly.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While eBay might be more for buying used goods, you can still find plenty of gifts that people are selling brand new, and sometimes you can cash in on some great deals. Auction on the gifts that could be perfect for whoever you are shopping for, and keep up with the bidding until the time runs out.

Make It Mine

Whether you want a specialized photo array, a pop box or a piece of jewelry that tells a story of your relationship, this website has it all. You have multiple options of great gifts, and reasonable prices at that. Check them out today!


LoveBook tells your story in a cartoony emoji style that is perfect for couples. If you want a book that tells your love story, this is a great option that will be remembered for years to come.

My FrontPage Story

The last website we wanted to point out for Christmas season is ours! We write personalized newspaper keepsakes for anyone and everyone, and it is a perfect gift for people of all ages. Plus, you get to work alongside a professional journalist, so what’s not to like?

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