The Patience of a Mother

Lexie Stout has many virtues, but perhaps the most prominent is her patience.

This quality has served Lexie well when she is supporting teachers or working with challenging parents at the Pre School where she works. But, most importantly, her patience has made her a great mother. 

Her husband, Blake, said this about Lexie, “She is incredibly hard working. She works full time and still manages to find time to do all the laundry, fulfill the bulk of the kids’ requests, and make dinner most of the time. She always tells me how proud of me she is and that makes me feel good. I’d like her to know how proud I am of her and the great job she does with our kids.”

Lexie moved around a bit as a kid, but mostly lived along a corridor from Kansas City to northern Arkansas, popping up in Oklahoma as well.

Her parents are Don and Theresa, and she has a brother named Luke. Family is very important to Lexie, and she finds ways to remain connected to her relatives like her brother or Aunt Dusty and Uncle Sheldon. 

Blake, while considering Lexie’s devotion to family said, “She works so hard to make us all feel so loved. She always has time to snuggle the kiddos or make a special bedtime snack in the evenings no matter how exhausted she is.” 

Lexie and Blake met in college at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Even though they had classes together, it was not until after graduation that they started dating. A random DM on Facebook led to a response, and four months later the couple was engaged. 

Lexie and Blake enjoyed simple, fun things together. They connected over YouTube videos and joking around. 

“It was so relieving to feel at ease and feel reassured like, ‘okay, yeah this is good, and we could be good together.”

Along the way, Lexie became a mom in her own rite. Her first beloved boy was named Isaiah. Her second came four years later and he is named Sebastian. 

Even though life is changing for Lexie, she is still as grounded, funny and hard working as ever. 

Blake, considering his love for his wife, says, “Lexie is an incredible partner and fantastic mother. From her I’ve learned to better see that the world isn’t black and white. We think differently about a lot of things. I think she has made me a more empathetic person. I wouldn’t call myself a patient person, but her patience has certainly worn off on me. That I love her and am so grateful for who she is and everything she does for me and our family. I do not tell her enough and I want her to know.”the patience of a mother

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