A Touchdown in Love and Motherhood: Hannah is Recognized as an Outstanding Wife and Mom on Her First Mother’s Day

It was a Saturday in North Carolina after a couple of weeks of dating when Kyle Flanagan and his future wife Hannah Flanagan went to a North Carolina State Football game at Carter-Finley Stadium. Little did either of them know that that would be when their love was solidified and that love would eventually blossom into the birth of their daughter Cassedy Lynn Flanagan.

It was Kyle’s first college football game he went to see in person, and he knew Hannah loved football, but had no idea how deeply passionate she was until this experience. It was on this day he knew she was the one, but there are many qualities beyond her passion that he deeply admires about Hannah.

“Hannah gives everything she has to everyone around her. She is the most caring person I know,” said Kyle. “When it comes to her family, my family, her employees, our relationship and our daughter, she wants to take care of everyone and help everyone. She is amazing in every single way.”

Kyle also admires her strength, tenacity, drive, heart and sense of humor. He also admires how she is an outstanding mother to their daughter.

She became a mother to Cassedy on Jan. 17, 2023, at 5:28 p.m. No one knows what to expect when having your first child, but Hannah has remained grounded while being an amazing mom over the first few months of Cassedy’s life.

She was described as a “Rockstar” in the delivery room who instilled faith in Kyle that no matter what happens they would make it through. “I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it better than Hannah has over these last months and I’m so excited to see how the rest of it goes,” said Kyle.

Hannah has many hobbies, interests and qualities outside of motherhood as well. She has done an astounding job of growing Raleigh Electric Company, her family business as the Vice President with the help of her brother Brandon Fuller too.

She loves to spend time at the beach or pool, read books, go to live sporting events and create memories with her husband on ghost tours. They also created wonderful memories together when Hannah came to meet Kyle’s family and formed a bond with his family’s dog Emma, although it wasn’t easy at first.

One of their best memories was most certainly that football game that truly led to a touchdown in love and motherhood.

“Hannah, you are beyond amazing. You have been a superstar through every part of our relationship and are the most amazing person I know,” said Kyle. “With you as her mom, Cassedy hit the lottery! I hope you have an amazing FIRST Mother’s Day. I love you more!”

Touchdown in Love and Motherhood: Hannah Flanagan

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