There are not too many people who are more family-oriented than Debra Schorr.

When it comes to her siblings, husband, daughters and grandkids, there is nothing Debra would not do for them. She loves them more than anything, and her husband and daughters in particular are very appreciative of the wife and mother that she is.

“She is involved, and to this day she is still putting the kids and grandkids first,” Kendra said on behalf of her sisters and father. “Mom is also caring, supportive and gives great advice.”

Debra has always been a very hands-on mom who supports all her daughters’ choices. She shows them a mother’s love unlike any other, and she has always made sure they know they are a priority.

She has also been a role model for what a long-sustaining marriage should look like. It is not easy 100 percent of the time, but it is worth it, and Melissa, Ashley, Kristin and Kendra all realize this. They know they would not be the women they are today without their mom, and they are forever grateful for her and the impact she makes on their lives.

“She challenges me to see other points of view and offers advice on how to handle parenting situations,” Ashley said.

Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, and this is something that Debra has always instilled in her girls. Moreover, she is great at helping Ashley raise her own children. She has always been a great role model as a mom, and this is something her girls will always take with them.

“She is an involved parent and grandparent,” Melissa said. “She is supportive and always there. She likes to have a good time, and she is a great listener and gives even better advice.”

Debra also has such a positive, strong outlook on life, and she brings a sense of optimism wherever she goes. She lives life to the fullest, and this fun-loving mom and grandma is someone who is always looked up to.

She also makes an impact on so many of the lives all around her, as people can learn a thing or two from Debra.

“She is always level-headed and reliable,” Kendra said. “She is intelligent but never arrogant; she is above-average smart but never makes people feel lesser than.”

Debra is a very humble person who does not flaunt her skills or make other people feel like she is better than them, and that is one of the many commendable qualities she possesses.

She is also loved by her husband more than anything, and he is grateful to have her by his side. Debra has changed his life drastically, and he would not ask for anyone to spend his life with other than her.

Debra is a beloved sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend and coach, and she is cherished by all.

“She has been an amazing mom and we just want to remind her of our appreciation for her day in and day out.” – Kristin on behalf of the familyfamily above everything

May 8, 2022

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There are not too many people who are more family-oriented than Debra Schorr. When it comes to her siblings, husband, daughters and grandkids, there is nothing Debra would not do […]
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