‘We Love Her. Always.’: Heidi is certainly loved and appreciated by her husband and kids, and rightfully so

Heidi Oertel is turning 40, and it has been 40 years full of her being awesome. She loves hard, takes care of others and she means the world to her husband. Heidi is devoted to everything and everyone in her life, and her selflessness is off the charts.

The memories Heidi has made with her husband Justin are absolutely amazing as well. From their vacations to all the times they just sit at home spending time together with their three kids, every moment with Heidi is special to Justin. However, there is one memory that stands above the rest.

“Our wedding day,” Justin said. “Heidi was so beautiful and we had so much fun. We had an outdoor wedding and it just poured down rain for at least 40 minutes. It forced everyone to be under the tent and in turn on the dance floor. It was so fun.”

Marrying the love of his life was the easiest decision Justin ever made, and that is because of how amazing Heidi really is. She has so much to offer and she is the one person he can count on, and he also knows he can calm her down by putting spaghetti on her mind.

Marrying Heidi was an easy decision to make as well because, not only did Justin realize she was the one person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but he also knew she would one day make a great mother. Well, that day has come, as they have three children, and Justin knows Isaac (11), Hallie (9) and Julian (6) all have the best mom in the world to look up to.

“The way she takes care of the kids is awesome,” Justin said. “She sacrifices time, energy and money to make sure they all have what they need. She takes care of me the same way. She is such a kind and loving person and is always thinking of others’ needs before her own. I’m a lucky man.”

On top of it all, Heidi has great work-life balance. She is a great role model to her kids in the way she is not only always there for them, but also by showing them what hard work can get you. Heidi is an HR manager for a big company, and she more than excels at her job.

“She’s special because she can juggle being great at her professional life and being a great mother and wife too,” Justin said. “Heidi always makes sure she’s taking care of immediate AND extended family. She’s fun-loving, has a great sense of humor, is a hard worker and lights up a room when she walks in it. She worked so hard to earn her master’s degree. So many people are proud of her, including myself and the kids.”

There is a lot to be proud of when someone is as awesome and accomplished as Heidi is. She makes it look easy, and she does everything with a smile on her face. She is even a very optimistic person, and her outlook on life attracts many people to her.

As a whole, Heidi is a wonderful, amazing mom and wife, and she would do anything for anyone. She is appreciated for such, and her family is glad to have her in their corner.

“She brings so much joy to my life and the kids’ lives. We are so lucky to have her as a wife and mother. Whenever I’m having a bad day I just think of her and all of a sudden it’s not so bad. We love her. Always.” – Justin

‘We Love Her. Always.’: Heidi Oertel

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