Wife, mom dedicated to improving the lives of others

Already an incredible wife, Christina Zimmerman has shown herself in just a few months to be as naturally terrific at raising her daughter, Parker. 

Her husband, Tyler, said Christina would do anything to make sure Parker is taken care of and has what she needs to succeed in life.

“Christina has a natural way of knowing what Parker needs and is a very comforting presence with her,” Tyler said.

She works as a fifth-grade elementary school teacher, so Parker is not the only child who is benefiting from Christina’s wisdom and love.  She is very empathetic and is willing to help her students with anything they need.

“She brightens the life of everyone around her and is their biggest fan and supporter in helping them achieve the most,” Tyler said, adding, “I hope that our daughter becomes a person just like her.”

When she is not teaching, Christina loves to bake, do crafts, take photos and spend time with her family. With her happy and bubbly personality, Christina is not afraid to be goofy and laugh, and she makes sure to enjoy all the small things in life, including never missing her family’s weekend morning breakfast.

“Christina has a genuine excitement for life and a willingness to be her true self and laugh,” Tyler said. “She is also one of the most dedicated and strongest people I know. She gave birth to our child unmedicated and has been so goal oriented in helping to advance her career.”

The couple met at a party Tyler was throwing at his house on Lincoln Avenue at Boise State University. Their first date was to the MK Nature Center, where they walked around and saw the sturgeon.

He said he knew I wanted to spend the rest of his life with Christina during their first Thanksgiving at his family’s house.

“She fit right in and became a part of my family so quickly I knew then I could only see a future with her,” Tyler said. “I love her in a way that can’t be measured, and my life would be a lot less exciting without her in it.”

Christina’s fun-loving personality led to a moment Tyler will never forget. He said she tried to pull a prank on him by dumping cold water on him in the shower. When he jumped out of the shower and chased her, she kicked the base board and broke her toe, but while she was laying on the ground in pain, she was laughing so hard that she really couldn’t cry.

Tyler said that Christina means more to him and Parker than anything else.

“She is the only person I would want to do life with and the person who keeps life fun and entertaining,” Tyler said. “She is my biggest supporter and is so driven that it motivates me to do more as well.”

Wife, mom dedicated to improving the lives of others

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