‘You’re My Miracle’: Maura Cotoia is an angel on earth who spends her days serving others

There are some people who are born on this earth in the form of an angel. Maura Cotoia is one of these people.

Maura is a special education teacher by day and a daughter, sister, wife and mother by night, and she excels in all of those roles. She has such a heart for others, and her sense of selflessness helps get her through the day.

“She is so beautiful inside and out,” her husband Mike said. “Maura cares more about others than herself. She has a strong drive to work and make life better for her and those around her. As a teacher she doesn’t stop caring about her students, even when work is over for the day.”

While Maura has a great balance between her work life and her home life, she never stops caring for anyone in any capacity. She always has other people on her mind, which is something that her family absolutely adores about her.

Maura’s family also knows that she will always have their back. She cares deeply about them and makes life so much fun for them, and she is an absolute joy to be around. Her family loves her for who she is, and they appreciate all she does.

“Maura is fun and endearing and can laugh at herself,” her mom Nancy said. “She has always had my back. We connect on lots of different levels. We can talk about education and parenting and our family.”

Nancy is proud of the amazing woman Maura has become, and she is grateful to call her her daughter.

She and the rest of the family also learn from Maura on a daily basis. She spends her days teaching others, but when she comes home at night her family knows they will learn a thing or two as well.

“I have learned a lot about special education through Maura,” Nancy said. “I have great respect for Maura’s knowledge about her job and her viewpoint on schooling in general.   Maura was always the champion of the underdog and sought out people that were hiding in the corners of her life. She is a great role model.”

Maura has always had a heart for helping others, especially those who might be considered “outcasts” or different, and that is why she is so great in her role as a special education teacher. It is not a role a lot of people can truly endure, but it is a career that Maura absolutely enjoys day in and day out.

She is someone who also just has a great personality. From being a great teacher to an excellent mother of two children aged 9 and 7, Maura can do it all. She’s also got a lot of character and charisma, and it is something Mike loves seeing in action on a daily basis.

“I admire her kindness, thoughtfulness, confidence and independence… to start,” Mike said. “She has always been a hard-working, independent woman. No matter where she is, she is the life of the party. Not many can hold a room as she can. Her personality is unmatched by most. People strive to be around her. She has a go with the flow personality, but always seems to end up steering the ship; not because she wants to but because she is such a good leader.”

People genuinely enjoy being around Maura, and that certainly has something to do with her care and compassion. She can light up any room with her smile, and she is someone that people truly want to take after.

“Maura is a generous sister, friend, spouse, co-worker and daughter,” Nancy said. “She is not afraid to volunteer her time and talents. She is friendly and talkative, and people that meet her want to be around her. On top of all of this, Maura is fun and beautiful, both inside and out.”

Outward beauty is one thing, but having a great combination of both outward and inward beauty is a special match. This is something that Maura has, and she is someone that a lot of people strive to be like.

There are not many people on this earth like Maura, but if there were, this world certainly would be a much better place. This selfless and compassionate individual is simply an amazing soul, and there is a reason her family appreciates her.

“Maura, you are the love of my life. I am happy everyday because of you. You just warmed my heart. I’ve said it many times and it’s even more true today, I would marry you every day if I could. I love you more today than ever before. I am so proud that we are married. I am so proud of the person you are. You loving me is my miracle that I will never take lightly. My love.” – Mike

you're my miracle - Maura

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