I bet you did not know all of these 10 Cyber Monday facts… or maybe you did

Cyber Monday starts next week off with a bang. However, there are a lot of interesting facts about one of the biggest shopping days of the year you may not have previously known. Check them out below.

  1. People Cyber Monday shop while they work – Okay, okay… multitasking is a lot easier with remote jobs. However, people have been Cyber Monday shopping while working since the day’s inception. I guess getting paid while getting good deals makes them even better deals.
  2. Cyber Monday is not really competing with Black Friday – In fact, a lot of companies use both days to their strategic advantage. You won’t see a lot of companies choosing just one or the other.
  3. But then again, maybe that’s because Cyber Monday overtook Black Friday – Cyber Monday has also not really had to compete with Black Friday because it is actually the more profitable day of the two. It’s no wonder a lot of companies decide to dip their toes in both these days rather than choosing one.
  4. Cyber Monday is a record breaker – Cyber Monday officially broke the online sales record back in 2019. There was a reported $9.4 BILLION made in revenue on Cyber Monday.
  5. Cyber Monday is a big day for electronics – One quarter of Cyber Monday shoppers buy some sort of electronic device. I’m sure a lot of these shoppers buy more than one too.
  6. Men buy more on Cyber Monday – I guess a lot of guys decide it’s not worth trampling other dudes while trying to snag some gnarly deals. They just wait until Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday rolls around to save some extra holiday cash.
  7. Amazon dominates Cyber Monday – Surprise, surprise. More than 50% of the Cyber Monday market purchases through Amazon. That’s some ridiculous numbers!
  8. Cyber Monday is global – As of 2020, 28 countries celebrate Cyber Monday. I’m sure that number has since jumped up.
  9. Consumers still want to support small businesses on Cyber Monday – Apparently, 43% of US shoppers would rather pay $20 more to purchase from and support a small business. That’s comforting to people like us!
  10. Cyber Monday shopping is done through phones – That same percentage of people wind up making Cyber Monday buys through their phones. I guess mobile really is starting to take over.

With Cyber Monday in two days, brace yourselves for the biggest online shopping day of the year. You can certainly find some swaggy deals, including right here at MyFrontPageStory.com. So what are you waiting for? Get to shopping.

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