‘A Great Big Heart’: Michelle Topping is always looking out for everyone all around her

Michelle Topping’s dedication should never be in question… especially when it comes to the kids.

In her roles as the Director of Educational Alternative Services for Pinellas County Schools and working in education for the last 28 years, she is someone who has dedicated her life to helping in the development of people’s young ones. She is also a godmother of five children, so you know that she can be trusted.

Michelle is someone who is always looking out for others, and she is someone that people truly look up to.

“Michelle has been an amazing godmother and dog mother,” her husband Tom said with a laugh. “From spoiling her godchildren on birthdays, holidays, weekend retreats and more, to helping guide their academics, she is always thinking of ways to impact lives. As a dog mom, Michelle is unequaled. Nikki, Jazz and Ellee all enjoyed wonderful existences with Michelle as their momma. She was recently voted, ‘Most Likely to Dress your Dog for Christmas.’”

What an awesome honor to win this award, and deservedly so. Michelle is just truly someone who shows so much love and compassion wherever she goes, and that includes loving her dogs endlessly.

She is also a very passionate, hardworking woman who is always looking out for the betterment of her family, friends and students.

“Michelle is a visionary leader who talks and walks our school’s vision,” Michelle’s team said. “Furthermore, she has a plan for how to implement this vision, and takes action every day toward leading all stakeholders toward this vision.”

Michelle believes in the mission at her school, and she follows through with making sure all her beliefs and values in her position line up with that of her workplace.

She is also someone who her family and friends look up to. She is appreciated for all she does for everyone, and anyone who knows Michelle is much better off because of it.

“Michelle is an amazing wife, friend and woman of faith,” Tom said. “She puts everyone’s needs, especially mine, before hers. Her love language is ‘gifts.’ If she hears someone say they like something, she either buys it for them or remembers it for the next gift giving opportunity. She is fiercely loyal. She is confident and strong. She is warm, inviting, funny and always has a smile for everyone.”

Michelle lights up any room she walks into, and she is a very selfless individual. She has a strong belief in God, and she is someone who always shows up for loved ones. People love being around Michelle and the presence she brings, and she shows love wherever she walks.

“Michelle is a truly compassionate and sincere person,” her friend and coworker Angela said. “This trait is immediately recognizable at first meeting. She remembers small details about everyone, showing how much she cares. She makes everyone feel welcome and part of the family.  Michelle is always available to assist friends and coworkers. The song by Carol King and James Taylor ‘You’ve got a friend’ really summarizes the type of friend she is.”

Michelle is just always there. She has a great big heart, and people are drawn to her presence.

Anyone who encounters Michelle has made a friend for life, and they feel like they are always welcome. She has the most loving, caring heart, and the world is a much better place because of people like Michelle.

“I am truly lucky to be working for her and aspire to be the type of leader and friend she is to everyone,” Angela said.

On top of everything else, Michelle is a great leader and role model, and she is someone who truly leads by example. She is one-of-a-kind and is someone you can always trust and count on. People look up to Michelle and rely on her for so many things, and for good reason.

Her husband is forever grateful for the love she shows toward him and everybody else every single day, and he is grateful she chose to spend her life right by his side. He could not imagine what his life would be like without her.

“I am the most fortunate man in the world to have a wife and best friend like Michelle. She is beautiful, intelligent and caring. Although I may not always say it or express it enough, Michelle is the best part of my life!” – Toma great big heart

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