A Wedding Present for the Ages

This wedding season, give the gift of a touching story from a professional writer at MyFrontPageStory.com. Share how you met and explain what makes your soon-to-be spouse such a special person to you in newspaper form!

Make this a centerpiece of your wedding decor that your guests will surely love. They will get to read all about you and your soulmate's journey, making it the best wedding gift idea in the world... And it's a wedding gift you don't have to wait until after your honeymoon to open.

And from now until October 31st, 2024, we are offering you a fall wedding discount. You might not be able to make it up to your wedding guests who had to sacrifice a weekend of football to see you tie the knot, but at least it will make you and your now husband or wife feel special, which is all that matters.

Use the code WED24 at checkout for a special offer just for you!

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*Newspaper Design and Framed Prints as pictured above are available for an extra charge. They are not included in the base price on this page.

FrontPage Basic


400+ words; perfect for younger couples who are still getting to know each other

FrontPage Plus


700+ words; perfect for couples who know a lot about each other

FrontPage Deluxe


1,000+ words; perfect for spouses who want family to have quotes in the story too