MyFrontPageStory.com is one of the fastest growing gift businesses in the world because it is the coolest, most unique gift around. These professionally written stories are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, retirements and holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

A journalist will gather quotes/information about your loved one, write a full-length feature story and turn it into a custom newspaper cover story that your loved one will cherish forever.

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Family, school and team photos are terrific ways to remember snapshots in time, but what better way to preserve a family memory than a professional story with thoughts, feelings and context?

From stories about loved ones that make great conversation pieces you can hang above the mantel, to stories about small businesses that help tell the story of how your business came about, what better people to have to help you tell your story than professional journalists?


Your name is searchable beyond just Google. When you check out Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, wouldn’t it be cool to see a story about someone you love right there on your feed? And more than that, wouldn’t it be even more special if the quotes came from you?

Our articles come with the immense power of sharing. Our staff will even build a social media presentation around your story and share it multiple times on all relevant channels.


Unlike newspapers and other media outlets, MyFrontPageStory.com is not built on proprietary content. That means after a story is written, we will gladly permit the use of your stories in your hometown newspaper, school website, social media channels or anywhere else. All we ask in return is a credit and link back to MyFrontPageStory.com.

We believe one story can change how people see you forever, and we want to grant that power.


Nearly 80 percent of prospective employers admit to Googling a job candidate’s name, according to a recent survey of executives. Since the New York Times is unlikely to pick up your loved one’s story anytime soon, why not do them a favor by letting us publish a story about them?

MyFrontPageStory.com is more than just a special gift, but a potential investment into the future that will create a twofold gift for someone, as we believe one story can change how people see you forever.


One of the big additional benefits of writing a story through MyFrontPageStory.com is the multi-day, multi-platform social media campaign that comes with it. We will share your story, your best quotes and photos while tagging you and anyone else you might like to see the post.

It’s a full-service approach that will spread your loved one’s name on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more at no extra charge (only with your permission of course).


Today’s media landscape is changing rapidly and shifting focus away from community-driven stories and into areas that have the widest audience. That’s why you see more political and sports stories than ever before, but that’s also why we do what we do. We want to highlight deserving people and bring the community aspect back to journalism.

We at MyFrontPageStory.com believe in the quality of an audience, not just the quantity.